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Welcome to Oakleaf Militaria, Inc.

Oakleaf Militaria is proud to offer some of the finest military antiques available today. Beginning the Oakleaf website in 2002, we've grown to become one of the largest sources of militaria worldwide. Not limited to World War II, we are looking for military and related antiques from all periods of military history up to September 2, 1945.

Oakleaf welcomes authentic consignments as a means to expand our inventory and to maximize the return on collector's investments. We encourage collectors and families to contact us.

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Kristian Anderson

Oaklead Militaria has been offering all sorts of militaria for years. Throughout our website you can find Fallschirmjager uniforms, and Waffen SS uniforms. We also have Kriegsmarine uniforms for sale as well as Panzerjacke uniforms for sale.

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