Very rare DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE  Reiter Standartenspitze ( standard finial ) for SS-Reiter

1610SO2 - Very rare "DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE " Reiter Standartenspitze ( standard finial ) for SS-Reiter, NSKK Motorstandarte and NSFK standards. This gilt eagle with wreathed swastika standard is differentiated from the SA Reiter standard by its gilt finish. The Sturmabteilung finial was silver. Made by the Otto Gahr firm in Munich this standard is dated 1935. Carried in parade formations either by horseback or motorized units, this early finial is very rare. The reverse side of the collar that fitted over the pole is marked GAHR MÜNCHEN 1935 beneath the base of the wreath. The pole base of the finial is hollow in order that it would be affixed to the carrying pole. Near the bottom of the base is a horizontal pole that extended along the top of the cloth standarte flag to give its shape. This is another characteristic of the SS, NSKK, NSFK Reiter standarte as opposed to the SA one. $31500. More Photos

Very are Deutschland Erwacht standard bearer's bandoleer

1611DE1 - Very are Deutschland Erwacht standard bearer's bandoleer. This bandoleer was worn by the SS standard bearer which supported the Deutschland Erwacht standard. The heavy bandoleer features four rows of silver brocade stitched to the black leather shoulder belt. At the end of the strap is a black leather cup that supported the staff. The underside of the bandoleer reveals a buckle attachment for length adjustment. The underside of the strap is also embossed with SS and the RZM code stamp. It was an honor to be selected to carry the Deutschland Erwacht standard and wear this bandoleer. Price on Request  More Photos

Very rare Deutschland Erwacht NSDAP box plate

1611DE2 - Very rare Deutschland Erwacht NSDAP box plate. This NSDAP plate was affixed to the inside of the box above the Deutschland Erwacht flag. This plate was collected as a souvenir by an American GI soldier who retrieved it from a street in Berlin after it was separated from the rest of the standarte. The plate still retains portions of its enameled surface . The reverse presents the maker's stamp "50". $17500  More Photos

Very rare SS DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE standard bearer Gauntlets

1611DE3 - Very rare SS DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE standard bearer ( Fahnentrager) 2nd pattern white leather gauntlets. $4750  More Photos

Extremely rare DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE tassel set and cross pole

OPS5 - The Oakleaf Private Sale - Extremely rare DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE tassel set and cross pole. This tassel set and crosspole are offered separate of the previously listed DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE standard with cross pole and tassels. The QUASTEN ( tassels) and STANDARTENQUERSTOCK ( cross pole) are a rare combination to be offered and can be acquired together or sold separately. The tassels will not be separated. This offering makes for a great opportunity to complete or enhance your DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE flag ( STANDARTENTUCH ). Contact Oakleaf for further information.  More Photos

Deutschland Erwacht standarte pole top

OPS2 - The Oakleaf Private Sale - Deutschland Erwache standarte pole top. Please Contact Oakleaf For Further Information. More Photos

mint DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE flag, cross pole and tassel set

OPS1 - The Oakleaf Private Sale - Mint DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE flag, cross pole and tassel set. Contact Oakleaf For Further Information. More Photos

- Collectors Connection - Very rare NSKK Reiter Standarte. Textbook example of a very rare standarte in excellent condition. Suggested offering price $44,000. Additional photos upon request More Photos

Very rare DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHT Standard flag with crosspole and tassels

1510SO6 - Very rare DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHT Standarte flag with crosspole and tassels. This outstanding near mint example would be almost impossible to upgrade. The bright red silk is in the same condition as it was when it was carried at NSDAP rallies and parades in the 1930's. This set is one of the most famous icons of the Third Reich - the DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHT Standarte. On the obverse side of the silk flag, is a white central disc with a silver tresse border. A static swastika is centered in the disc. Above the white disc is hand embroidered in silver the word " DEUTSCHLAND ". Below the disc is the hand embroidered in silver word "ERWACHT". The reverse side of the flag again features a centrally positioned white disc with swastika. above this disc are the abbreviated words " NAT.SOZ. DEUTSCHE ARBEITERPARTEI ". And below the disc the word " STURMABTEILUNG". Both the SA and SS carried identical standards. Along the bottom and sides of the flag and is alternating a red, black and white twisted yarn fringe border. Along the top of the flag is sewn a sleeve for passing the crosspole through for suspending the flag. Centered on this sleeve is a red patch of leather to protect the flag from wear caused by the upright pole used for carrying the flag. This DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHT standard comes with a brown wooden crosspole. Crosspoles came in two color variations. Brown wood was used for the SA standards and stained in black wood and polished was used for the rarer SS standards. Accompanying the flag and crosspole is the very rare set of tassels ( quasten ). These tassels are composed of alternating cords of red, white and black yarn ending in the tassel balls. $49,500. More Photos