Military Miniatures

30% discount on all selections except King & Country which will have a 10% discount. There will be no discount on NEW ARRIVALS.

Oakleaf Militaria, Inc. is proud to offer a selection of military miniature collectibles. These military miniatures include a selection provided by dealers such as Bill Moore. The selection includes antique Lineols and Elastolins. The modern miniatures feature a wide selection of King & Country, Thomas Gunn, W. Britains to name a few. The list price does not include shipping, insurance and a processing fee for payments made by credit card. These fees will be quoted on an order-by-order basis. Oakleaf does accept payment by credit card, checks and money orders. Oakleaf does not accept paypal. Please confirm availability prior to ordering.

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Enjoy our miniatures.

King & Country

New Arrivals

AE030 EGYPT Master Of Ceremonies

149TOYP231 - AE030 EGYPT Master Of Ceremonies $40 . More Photos