Anti Semitic and Holocaust

One of the three cornerstones of National Socialism was racial purity and superiority. The other two being one National Socialist government and one National Socialist leader - Adolf Hitler. Anti-Semitism permeated the Third Reich society to the extent that young school children were inculcated with the belief they were racially superior and the Jewish people were Untermensch and therefore justifiably ostracized and persecuted.

Oakleaf Militaria does not condone, promote or support these beliefs and the materials offered in this section are offered strictly from a historical perspective of the times.

196HOL1 -DIE JUDEN IN DEUTSCHLAND. 1936. Herausgeben vom Institut zum Studium der Judenfrage. Text only. 414 pages. $150. More Photos

196HOL2 -JUDEN IN DEUTSCHLAND. 1936 Julius Streicher. $795. More Photos

196HOL3 -RASPUTIN EIN WERKZUG DER JUDEN. Dr. Rudolf Kummer.1942. $25. More Photos

196HOL4 -Juden Eroben England. Dr. Peter Aldag. April 1940. $125. More Photos

196HOL5 -Die Protokolle der Weisen von Zion.. Das Welteroberungsprogramm der Juden. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Written at the beginning of the 20th century by unknown author. This book outlines the worldwide Jewish conspiracy. The book was debunked as myth and accepted as untruthful anti-Jewish propaganda in 1921. Still following its exposure as untrue the book was accepted by Anti-Semitics as fact. $50. More Photos

196HOL6 -DER POLNISCHE JUDE, VOLKSOPER IN2 AKTEN. Anti-Semitic play by KARL WEIS. $15. More Photos

196HOL7 -JUDA, Betrachtungen uber Wesen und Wirken des Judentums, Karl Baumgartten. A negative reflection of Jewish works.125. More Photos

196HOL8 -Die Sammlung Rehse. Dokumente der Zeitgeschicte. Adolf Dresler, Maier, Hartmann. $30. More Photos

196HOL9 -Des Sturmer's Kampf. Sturmer Editor Karl Holz. 1938.$400. More Photos

196HOL10 -DE JODEN IN NEDERLAND. Hans Graf von Monts. 1941. $225. More Photos

196HOL11 -Der Jude und das arische wei liche Geschlecht. Der gute Onkel Frohlich.Pamphlet. $250. More Photos

196HOL12 -Antisemiten Katechismus. Eine Zusammenfassung des wichtigsten Materials zum Verstandniss der Judenfrage.1893 edition by Herm. Beyer, Leipzig. $40. More Photos

196HOL13 -Der Sturmer. HERAUSGEBER: JULIUS STREICHER. Dated Juni 1934, April 1937, and Juni 1941. Newspaper. $450. More Photos

196HOL17 -Large carved anti-Semitic caricature of Jewish face. Measures approximately 25. Inches diameter. $3000. More Photos