British Insignia

1812BRITEW2 -Late Victorian era British Army officer sword made by W. MOORE, Late Bicknelle & Moore, Bond St. London. Overall nice bright blade with etched floral pattern towards hilt. Minor damage to scabbard's scape. Affixed is original knot. $2500.  More Photos

1812BRITEW1 -British Army early 1800 period heavy cavalry sword made by Bennett , 67 Royal Exchange, London. $450.  More Photos

Black Watch officer dirk en suite

1711BRITEW1 - Black Watch officer dirk en suite. This beautiful dirk features exquisite workmanship in the silver fittings. The dirk presents a well-carved black hardwood grip with silver studs. The silver fittings are intricately cast in great detail showing St. Andrew with the cross. The black leather covered scabbard is in perfect condition showing no signs of wear. The blade is nicely etched with a floral pattern design. On the reverse side mid-blade is the Black Batch symbol featuring Sst. Andrew. There is no maker indicated. The Black Watch was the oldest Royal Regiment of Scotland. The en suite knife and fork set that accompanies the dirk display matching silver fittings and black grips. The dirk was worn for ceremonial and formal occasions. $2500. More Photos

Sgian  Dubh of the Argyll & Sutherland Scottish Regiment

1711BRITEW2 - Sgian Dubh of the Argyll & Sutherland Scottish Regiment. This is traditionally the small dagger fitted in the high stocking of the Scottish Highlanders. The Sgian Dubh measures 8.0 inches in overall length. The black dyed wood grip is in perfect condition with the pommel having a cut citrine stone . The silver hilt and scabbard fittings are elegant. The blade's etch shows light wear but is distinct in its features. The motto "SANS PEUR" ( Without Fear ) appears on the blade along with the maker's name S.J PILLIN, SOHO, LONDON. $1500. More Photos

British Victorian Model 1822 Infantry officer's sword

174BEW2 - British Victorian Model 1822 Infantry officer's sword, brass hilt in steel scabbard. Wilkinson made. White leather sword knot. Engraved on hilt " H. G. to W. N. S." Some creases on steel scabbard, otherwise fine condition. $500. More Photos

British made General officer's mameluke sword, model 1831

174BEW1 - British made General officer's mameluke sword, model 1831, with U.S. eagle, general's crossed sword and baton and E Pluribus Unum etched on blade, retaining 90% original polish and gilt. Ivory grip in gilded brass and leather scabbard. General's sword and baton insignia on cross piece of hilt Made by C. Hebbert, Pall Mall East, London. Sword maker Charles Hebbert used the 8 Pall Mall, London, address from 1830 to 1849. Perhaps this sword was made for a Marine Corps general. Circa 1840's. Missing one retaining boss on hilt, otherwise very fine condition. 38 inches overall. $2500. More Photos