The Oakleaf Private sale

As our collecting community has continued to mature, increasingly the availability of very rare and near unobtainable military collectibles have come onto the market and will continue to do so. It is recognized that many high-end and discerning collectors require anonymity not only for themselves but also for the price they pay for their collectibles. Sellers, more often than not, also wish to remain unidentified. The collecting community is aware that many articles are sold from one collection going straight into another collection being "private sales". On occasion, Oakleaf Militaria has the opportunity to sell very rare and near-unobtainable militaria without the article ever reaching the website sold simply by making a telephone call. Oakleaf Militaria is proud to offer, as examples, two outstanding opportunities for the discriminating collector; an extremely rare and period awarded Pour le Merite with Oak Leaves and a Deutschand Erwache Standarte.

In addition to the inventory listed, very rare and specially curated articles will be listed as the Oakleaf Private Sale with Price On Request. The purpose of this is two-fold: First, these articles are not intended to set the market price as a benchmark. Second, this is intended to provide a layer of privacy to both the seller and the buyer and the price that was paid for the collectible. As these articles are at minimum very rare, they are priced exclusively for the particular item. Oakleaf requests that interested parties Contact Oakleaf directly by TELEPHONE in order to request additional images, address specific questions and the price. All images and printed communication are subject to Oakleaf Copyright and are not intended for further dissemination, sharing in any manner or posting. These communications and sales will be held in the strictest confidence. The Oakleaf Private Sale is also intended to attract the attention of sellers who wish to have the sale of their rare collectibles conducted in a private manner that allows them to remain unknown to the general collecting community. The Oakleaf Private Sale may also be implemented as a means to "SEARCH" for rare and near unobtainable collectibles by contacting Oakleaf Militaria, Inc. directly