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Oakleaf Militaria, Inc. is announcing the addition of a new SEARCH service to be offered to the militaria collecting community. This service will match your collection's articles to the want lists of other collectors. The service will offer collectors the opportunity to reach worldwide for items they are looking to acquire or sell. Oakleaf will announce this through the use of our mass marketing capability or potentially the www.oakleafmilitaria.com website. This service is limited to articles with a minimum value of $3,500. Understanding there will be exceptions, such as rare SS Totenkopfrings ( based on condition) and other rarer items, this will be decided on a case-by-case basis. It is intended to be a premium service for rare military collectibles. This is not limited to Third Reich or World War II. Oakleaf is also looking quality military antiques from all periods. Here's how it works...

Oakleaf requires that all items be authentic.

Any repairs or alterations must be disclosed prior to being offered for sale.

The buyer or seller will advise me through the use of email or email attachments what they are either looking to add to their collections or wanting to sell. I will advise the collecting community through the use of mass marketing or website what is available. I will also employ the use of your "Want List" that have been provided to me over the years. When an offer is made from a potential buyer that is less than the initial offer price,(Prices will be listed showing what the minimum offer price will be), I will pass on this offer to the potential seller. The seller will determine if he will accept the offer or not. The seller is not obligated to accept an offer.

The seller will be responsible for providing clear high quality images via email attachment sent to me at kristiananderson@prodigy.net. I will in turn forward the images with description to the potentially interested party(s) and list the item(s) on the website under the Collectors Connection section. These may also be presented to the collecting community via mass marketing.

After the sale is agreed on, the seller will be responsible for forwarding the article to Oakleaf for inspection and mailing. It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure the timely, safe arrival and insurance for the sent article.

The buyer will be responsible for payment via credit card (3.5% convenience fee applies), bank wire transfer, Western Union or personal checks drawn on U.S. banks. Items requiring layaway, if accepted by the seller, will be strictly adhered to for payment. Default will result in the forfeiture of all accrued payments with Oakleaf Militaria, Inc. retaining the premium fee and the balance being retained by the seller.

Articles withheld by customs will not be the responsibility of Oakleaf Militaria, Inc. although Oakleaf makes every effort to ensure safe and uninterrupted delivery. Oakleaf Militaria, Iinc. Routinely ships worldwide.

Oakleaf Militaria, Inc. will charge a 10% buyer's premium and 10% seller's premium. This premium will be paid by both the seller and buyer prior to shipment of the article. This applies to "SEARCH" sales items only and not consigned inventory. Illinois residents will be responsible for a 8.25% sales tax.

Buyers will have a 5 day inspection period for returns after the article is received. After 5 days all sales are final with no exceptions. Any returned articles must be received in the condition they are sent. Damaged articles must be reported immediately upon delivery with the packaging materials retained. Payment will be forwarded to the seller and will not be refunded. Payment will be made via bank transfer or Oakleaf Militaria check. Oakleaf does not accept or use paypal.

Search, Sell & Buy Service

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For Additional information or questions contact Kristian Anderson at
kristiananderson@prodigy.net or 1-815-355-4355. Mailing address: Post Office Box 596 Crystal Lake, IL. 60039-0596