Credit Card & Banking Security Policy

Oakleaf Militaria, Inc. strives to maintain a professional policy of preventing its clients' confidential information being made available to persons to whom the information was not intended., Oakleaf Militaria, Inc. destroys all printed, email and electronic correspondence containing credit card and banking information once an order has been transacted. Credit card or banking information will be requested each time an order is placed with Oakleaf. This no only enables Oakleaf to maintain a secure information environment but also keeps us current with your credit card and banking information. Oakleaf Militaria,Inc. will not automatically submit credit card payments for goods held on consignment. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to contact Oakleaf to make the payment. Oakleaf does NOT retain credit card information for this purpose.

Oakleaf Militaria will not send orders to an address with an addressee's destination name that is different than the name that appears on a credit card.

Privacy Statement

Oakleaf does not sell or distribute any information of a personal nature including mailing lists, customer or consignor names, addresses or telephone numbers without the prior consent of the parties involved. Consignor and customer names are considered privileged information.


Oakleaf Militaria, Inc. does not support the political views of National Socialism. The Third Reich era inventory is presented for sale as historical artifacts of collector interest only.

Thank you.

Kristian Anderson