Oakleaf Militaria, inc. 2020 Show Schedule

The following is the list of shows that Oakleaf Miltaria, Inc. is planning to attend in 2020. Please contact me at kristiananderson@prodigy.net for further show information or if you have any questions.

February 19-23, SOS Show Kentucky Expo Center, Louisville, KY.

March 8 - Glendale Heights Militaria Show. Ramada Inn

June 7 -Glendale Heights Militaria Show - Ramada Inn

June 19-20 - OVMS , Roberts Convention Ctr., Wilmington, OH.

August 2 - Glendale Heights Militaria Show, Ramada Inn.

September 16 - 20, OVMS " MAX Show" - York Convention Center, York PA.

October 4 - Glendale Heights Militaria Show - Ramada Inn.

November 6-7 OVMS -Roberts Convention Ctr ,Wilmington, OH.

December 6 - Glendale Heights Militaria Show - Ramada Inn.

Oakleaf Militaria's show schedule and participation is subject to change. Please contact Oakleaf for further information. Thank you.