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Near unobtainable two Red Dragon demitasse cups by Meissen removed from the Eagles Nest

1711SO3 - Near unobtainable two Red Dragon demitasse cups by Meissen removed from the Eagles Nest above Berchtesgaden by a 101st Airborne service member and given to Sergeant Harry Plisevich who participated in both the D-Day invasion and the Battle of the Bulge. Captured at Bastogne after being wounded, Sergeant Plisevich was imprisoned at Stalag 12A. . These fine china porcelain cups are in their original perfect condition. It is easy to imagine who among Adolf Hitler's inner circle actually drunk from these cups including Der Fuhrer himself. The cups are accompanied by a copied image of Sergeant Plisevich and a postcard of the Eagle's Nest that was sent to him along with the cups. $1950. More Photos

Knights Cross Presentation Document to Oberfeldwebel, w/mappe & Original AH Signature

- Collectors Connection - Knights Cross Presentation Document to Oberfeldwebel, w/mappe & Original AH Signature. Knights Cross presentation document with moroccan leather mappe in exceptional condition. Document is awarded to Oberfeldwebel ALFRED TYKIEL on August 6th, 1941. Document is hand signed by Adolf Hitler. After 1941 the majority of all signatures, if not all were facsimile stamped. This alone makes this a rare piece but that it was awarded to a Sargent makes it even more desirable. He won it as a Platoon Leader of the 10th panzergrendier Regiment/9th Panzer Division on the Eastern Front. There, the division was part of Operation Barbarossa and was under Army Group South. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any documents relating the situation under which he won the KC.

Tykiel was promoted to Leutnant on 1 Dec. 1942
Was promoted to Oberleutnant on 1 Sept. 1944
In Jan of 1944 he was training Panzer Troops in Versailles
Injured at the front(fighting partisans in France)17 July 1944


EK2: 14.10.39
Panzer Assault badge in Bronze:18.10.40
EK1: 15.11.40
RK: 6.8.41

The document is in fantastic condition with very little staining or creasing. The AH signature is outstanding. There is some scuffing of the Eagle and iron cross on the document but nothing to distracting. The case is in the best condition I have ever seen of one overall. Only one small noticeable nick to the leather on the front upper left border of the case. Corners are slightly scuffed, but again small and showing very little storage wear(see all photos for condition). Virtually all gold trimming and lettering is intact again showing low signs of usage. The string that holds the document in place is still present and attached. Embossed eagle on front of case is immaculate and sits nicely pressed into the leather. Also with the document comes a postcard photo of Alfred with writing on the backside: In stillness lies greatness. Dedicated to my dear Frauke? on his 21st birthday. Your Alfred.

Also comes with a 30 page personal file on Tykiel which really adds to this wonderful piece.

$17,000.00 More Photos

NSDAP standard bearer gorget

1710GORGET1 - NSDAP standard bearer gorget. This NSDAP standard bearer's ringkragen was worn by NSDAP members chosen to carry the Deutschland Erwach standards for party rallies and parades. It was an honor to be selected to do so. The gorget is complete with its original RZM marked chain and felt backing. The maker's RZM code is on the collecting lip on the reverse to which the chain fastens. $1250. More Photos

Luftwaffe General  white summer (Sommermutze) visor hat

1711SO1 - Luftwaffe General white summer (Sommermutze) visor hat. This stunning example features all matching bullion Luftwaffe General's eagle, kokarde, capband waffenfarbe and bullion chincords. The white cotton pique top is in excellent condition having minor storage age. The side buttons are gilt pebbled aluminum. The black mohair capband is free of mothing. The unlined , unmarked interior is typical midwar kleiderklasse examples. The leather sweatband is complete displaying minimal wear. The size is 57. Very rare. $9000. More Photos

Very rare set of SS Totenkopfring ( Honor Ring) of SS officer Stocker 30.6.34

179SO2 - Very rare set of SS Totenkopfring ( Honor Ring) of SS officer Stocker 30.6.34 ( Night of the Long Knives) dated ring with his Gold Party Badge . This 1934 dated ring displays normal wear for an early ring. The interior presents the expected seam behind the skull that joins the two ends of the silver band. The seam is sometimes not visible due to the presence of the applied silver solder. The inscription is clearly visible with the Slb. Stocker, date and H. Himmler facsimile signature. The ring presents all the characteristics, including die flaws, of a 1940's style SS Totenkopfring.. This outstanding set consisting of the Stocker Totenkopfring, Gold Party badge, ribbon bar with NSDAP Long Service award . War Merit Cross and World War One Wound Badge comes with a Don Boyle Certificate of Authenticity. $12,500. More Photos

French Dragoon Officer's Helmet, Second Empire Period

176SO1 - French Dragoon Officer's Helmet, Second Empire Period, Napoleon III, circa 1858. In very fine condition, most gilt remaining and fresh, complete liner, full horsehair tail and proper original plume, some slight wear use with minor dents in skull, the leopard skin band in very good condition, officer's gilt chinscales with leather lining. A very fine example of a rare helmet. $5500.00.  More Photos

British Horse Guards Officer's full dress helmet model 1898

175BRITHEL1 - British Horse Guards Officer's full dress helmet model 1898. This helmet features the queen's crown indicating it is a modern era helmet worn during the time of Elizabeth II. The red yak parade plume adds to the dignity of the helmet. The interior displays the original manufacture's label. $3,000.00 . More Photos

Prussian Garde du Corps Cuirassier NCO/Enlisted  helmet

175IMPHEL3 - Prussian Garde du Corps Cuirassier NCO/Enlisted helmet: This beautiful example feature the imperial eagle top. The polished brass shell is free of dents and cracks. The chin scales match the helmet's shell perfectly. The side attachment base on each side of the chin scales are replaced with modern replacement parts. The interior presents the original nco/enlisted leather liner. The multi-scale rear neck protector is marked along the rim size 55 which was a normal size for the period. $15,000. More Photos

Extremely rare Imperial Russian Chevalier Guards helmet

175RUSHEL1 - Extremely rare Imperial Russian Chevalier Guards helmet. This helmet features the double headed Russian imperial eagle as worn by the Chevalier Guards during the period of the Romanov Czarist Russia. Exterior shows wear to finish. The interior has been re-lined due to previous condition. The rear neck shield is multi-piece constructed. Along the rear nck shield is stamped "55" indicating the size.. $30,000. More Photos

Near unobtainable Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler 1st pattern personal Command Flag

OPS6 - The Oakleaf Private Sale - Near unobtainable Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler 1st pattern personal Command Flag. On August 17, 1933 Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler announced the regulations by which SS officials would display car pennants and command flags. These flags were initially of the same design as the SA command flags and pennants except for the use of black triangular fields replacing the red fields of the SA. The " RFSS Kommandoflagge " features a central silver appliqué national eagle with accent threads showing excellent detail. The high-relief double sided flag measures 36.0 x 34.0 inches. A sleeve extends along one vertical side through which a staff would pass through for display.The flag was displayed near Heinrich Himmler for Schutzstaffel formal and public occasions. Contact Oakleaf for further information. $27,500. More Photos

Mint SS Himmler 1934 Ehrendolch (presentation honor dagger) crafted exclusively by Carl Eickhorn

- Mint SS Himmler 1934 Ehrendolch (presentation honor dagger) crafted exclusively by Carl Eickhorn. The SS Himmler presentation dagger was awarded to the SS officers and men who participated in the overthrow of Ernst Röhm and the powerful Sturmabteilung brown shirts in the historic "Night of the Long Knives" that resulted in S.A. leader Ernst Röhm's execution after he attempted to usurp Adolf Hitler's authority in the NSDAP on June 30, 1934. The recipients also included many honorary SS generals. Estimates of produced H. Himmler daggers run approximately 2500 according to Thomas Wittmann author of "Exploring The Dress Daggers and Swords of the German SS", published privately by the author. Copyright 2003, page 95.This dagger features all matching early nickel silver fittings for the upper and lower crossguards and scabbard mounts. The underside of the lower crossguard is stamped with the benchmark number "2". Himmler presentation daggers display benchmark numbers ranging from 0-9. The black ebony grip is perfect and fits the crossguards with no separation. The SS runics button and nickel silver grip eagle display excellent detail. The nickel silver eagle is pristine and is the high neck style eagle. The blade is mint condition presenting its excellent crossgraining. The full length blade is the finest example available today. The obverse side of the blade presents the SS motto "Meine Ehre Heisst Treue" and the reverse of the blade shows the small oval early Carl Eickhorn squirrel. The Reichsfuhrer SS H. Himmler presentation " In Herzicher Kameradschaft H. Himmler " ( In Heartfelt Comradeship H. Himmler ) displays excellent background burnishing. The bright full length blade displays no evidence of re-tipping, sharpening, cleaning or pitting.The anodized scabbard mounts are affixed with four original un-turned screws. The black anodized scabbard is straight, free of dents and displays 100% of its original lacquered finish. The scabbard lower mount's ball is perfect. This dagger is for the discerning collector who insist on "mint".$19,999. More Photos

Very rare DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE  Reiter Standartenspitze ( standard finial ) for SS-Reiter

1610SO2 - Very rare "DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE " Reiter Standartenspitze ( standard finial ) for SS-Reiter, NSKK Motorstandarte and NSFK standards. This gilt eagle with wreathed swastika standard is differentiated from the SA Reiter standard by its gilt finish. The Sturmabteilung finial was silver. Made by the Otto Gahr firm in Munich this standard is dated 1935. Carried in parade formations either by horseback or motorized units, this early finial is very rare. The reverse side of the collar that fitted over the pole is marked GAHR MÜNCHEN 1935 beneath the base of the wreath. The pole base of the finial is hollow in order that it would be affixed to the carrying pole. Near the bottom of the base is a horizontal pole that extended along the top of the cloth standarte flag to give its shape. This is another characteristic of the SS, NSKK, NSFK Reiter standarte as opposed to the SA one. $31500. More Photos

Rare Waffen SS panzerjacke with Hitlerjugend cufftitle

- Rare Waffen SS panzerjacke with Hitlerjugend cufftitle. This Waffen SS cut panzerjacke features a hand-sewn Hitlerjugend cufftitle worn by personnel of the 12th SS Panzer Division. This panzer wrap displays matching removable pink waffenfarbe should boards as worn by panzer personnel. The collar tabs are hand-sewn with the SS runics tab being machine woven and the Rottenfuhrer tab being the standard enlisted rank style. On the left sleeve is an embroidered SS eagle. Below the eagle is a rank chevron indicating Rottenfuhrer. All buttons that secure the front are original to the wrapper. A single set of loops are sewn to the area of the left breast wear the Panzerkamkfabzeichen would be worn. The interior is partially lined and stamped with the size. This tunic comes with a Certificate of Authenticity provided by Weitze Military Antiques. Suggested offering price $14,000. More Photos

German Army  tunic of General-Leutnant, General der Infanterie Kurt Von Tippelskirch tunic

- German Army tunic of General-Leutnant, General der Infanterie Kurt Von Tippelskirch winner of the Ritterkreutz mit Eichenlaub. Gen. Lt. v. Tippelskirsch was born October 9, 1891 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. He began military service in 1910. He held commands with the 21st, 14th and 30th Infantry Divisions. On July 30, 1944 General-Leutnant Tippelskirsch was awarded the Oak Leaves to his Knights Cross as the 539th recipient. General Tippelskirsch surrendered to U.S. Army near Lubbeck-Schwerin May 2, 1945. This service tunic features matching removable shoulder boards with one board having a replaced general's rank pip and machine sewn generals rank bullion collar tabs. Above the right breast pocket is a gilt bullion general's breast eagle. Above the left breast pocket are loops for a long ribbon bar. On the left breast pocket and below the pocket are three sets of loops for the general's badges and decorations. In the second button is a WWI spange for the Iron Cross 2nd class. All the gilt pebbled aluminum buttons match including those on the pockets. The exterior wool is a fine grade of officer wool. The interior displays period use as evidenced by wear and staining. The tunic was found to have the general's name on a slip of paper inserted into one of the French cuffs. The paper was used to identify the tunic's owner while he was incarcerated in an American POW camp. As an Army commander and winner of the Oak Leaves to his Knights Cross this is a very rare offering. The condition is excellent. $6500. More Photos

Rare and early period Type A

165SO2 - Rare and early period Type A "micro 800" Knights Cross ( Ritterkreutz ) of the Iron Cross by Steinhauer & Luck with ribbon. Oakleaf Militaria is proud to offer this 1940 - early 1941 period awarded Steinhauer & Luck micro 800 cross. The cross presents the proper characteristics of a Steinhauer & Luck Type A cross. The reverse upper arm beneath the bale displays a micro "800" silver content stamp. This magnetic cross weighs 30.8 grams with a suspension loop that is also "800" marked. Accompanying the cross is the more rare early style wide ribbon for the Ritterkreutz measuring 24.0 inches in length. The cross comes with a well-detailed " Expertise" ( Certificate of Authenticity) provided by Dietrich Maerz author of the highly informative reference book, " The Knights Cross of the Iron Cross " published by B & D Publishing, LLC, copyright 2007. The cross is in excellent awarded condition. $8500. More Photos