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189THR7 -Totenkopfring of Oberstgruppenfuhrer Sepp Dietrich dated 24.XII.1933. One of two Waffen SS recipients of the Diamonds to the Knights Cross. The second being Obergruppenfuhrer Herbert Gille commander of the 5th Waffen SS Division Wiking. Dietrich was one of four SS Generals to hold the rank of Oberstgruppenfuhrer. Sepp Dietrich born May 28, 1892, served in World War I rising to the rank of sergeant. Following WWI Dietrich joined the Sturmabteilung and NSDAP # 89015 in 1923 and participated in the famous Beer Hall Putsch. In 1928 Dietrich joined the SS having the SS no. 1,117 and served as commander of Adolf Hitler's personal bodyguard. It has been speculated that Dietrich was personally responsible for overseeing the execution of Ernst Rohm during the Knight of the Long Knives on June 30, 1934. The Liebstandarte SS Adolf Hitler was founded in September 1933. From its inception Sepp Dietrich commanded LAH until May 1945. Expanded to division strength the 1st Waffen SS Panzer Division was considered the premier division of the Waffen SS first seeing combat during the invasion of Poland followed by Operation Bararossa ( Russia) in June 1941. Leibstandarte also participated in the Kharkov and Kursk operations. Throughout most of the war LSSAH saw action mainly on the Eastern Front during which time Dietrich remained mainly independent of the influence of Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler due to his close association with Adolf Hitler. In mid-1944 LAH was transferred to the Western Front and subsequently engaged in the Battle of the Bulge December 1944. Oberstgruppenfuhrer Dietrich was tried at Nurnburg in 1946 for war crimes and spent ten years in American captivity. Sepp Dietrich was immensely popular with his subordinate commanders and troops so much so that when he died on April 21,1966 (the same year as his fellow Waffen SS Diamonds winner Herbert Gille) his funeral was one of the most well-attended of all Third Reich commanders. This ring comes with a Don Boyle Certificate of Authenticity. $135,000.  More Photos

1810SO1 -Luftwaffe Knights Cross winner Oberst Wilhelm van Koolwijk white sommermutze by Erel. Oberst Wilhelm van Koolwijk commanded Flak Rgt. 27 and was awarded the Ritterkreutz on 08.08.44. This exceptional example features standard Luftwaffe bullion aluminum insignia with a removable 2nd pattern Luftwaffe eagle. The waffle pattern removable top is in excellent condition having no stains or tears. The officer chincords are a tight fit to the hat boddy. The interior reveals a standard Erel rhomboid sweat diamond with the Erel logo and indicating that the hat was sold through the Luftwaffe officer kliederklasse. Inserted into the sweat diamond is the paper nametag Wilhelm van Koolwijk. $3000.  More Photos

1810U1 -Luftwaffe leather fliegerjacke. This jacket is a prime example of the style jacket worn on all fronts. The leather jacket displays an enlisted 2nd pattern Luftwaffe breast eagle sewn over the area of the right breast. There is a slit breast pocket over the left breast area. At the end of each sleeve is a plastic zipper and snap for size adjustment. The exterior leather is in excellent worn condition. The mouton collar is dyed dark blue and is rich in texture. Under the collar are buttons used for securing the storm flap. The front is closed with six buttons with the bottom plastic button lost in time. All buttons are original to the jacket. The interior displays a wine colored strip of velvet material along the neckline used to prevent chafing. The jacket is lined in blue artificial leather and displays light period wear. Towards the bottom on the left side is a maker's label that heavily worn due to wear. $3000.  More Photos

188SO16 -Totenkopf Dienstmantel fo a Hauptscharfuhrer in the 3rd Standarte Thuringen. This dienstmantel features matching alternating striped collar tabs and lapels. The right collar tab displays a hand embroidered Totenkopf and the left side rank tabs indicates the rank of the senior non-commissioned officer. On the right should is shoulder board for the ranks of SS-Mann through Hauptscharfuhrer. On the left mid-sleeve is the multi-piece constructed SS brassard having black upper and lower borders. The lower left sleeve presents a Thurgingen cufftitle. The garment's exterior displays areas of minor mothing in the fabric. The back shows a half-belt. The interior is partially lined in black cotton. The inside of the lest breast pocket reveals a SS RZM tag. The size stamps are clearly visible stamped in white. $12,000.  More Photos

188SO11 -SS Totenkopfring ( Honor Ring) of SS officer Wagner dated 21.6.44. This is one of the finest Totenkopfrings ever offered by Oakleaf Militaria. This mint ring displays 100% detail in its skull and runes panels. The skull is so complete the teeth can be counted. The interior is so mint that the seam is not present as the Otto Gahr firm covered this seam with silver solder before it left their Munich location. The runics panels are fully complete including the background stippling and burnish. The dedication inscription is clearly visible with the Slb. Wagner, 21.6.44 date and H. Himmler facsimile signature. The ring presents all the characteristics, including die flaws, of a 1940's style SS Totenkopfring. The size is approximately 11. This outstanding example of the SS Totenkopfring comes with a Don Boyle Certificate of Authenticity. $15,999.  More Photos

187DE1 -Extremely rare Deutschland Erwache Standard streamer. Attached to the Deutschland Erwache standard for a very short period during the Nurnburg Party rallies during the early 1930’3. This two-sided red silk streamer measures approximately 37. inches in length. Displays light period. The streamer comes in a period hand-carved oaken chest with SS runics. The chest measures 24.25 x 10.0 x 3.0 inches. $2500.  More Photos

188SO10 -Extremely rare SS Totenkopfstandarte Brandenburg parade saddle pad. The black wool saddle pad features one silver embroidered totenkopf skull that exhibits complex embroidery and definition. The saddle pad is in excellent condition. The pad is bordered with machine sewn silver aluminum tresse. This saddle pad was displayed only for parades as shown in the accompanying framed photograph. This extremely rare article of SS -Totenkopfverbande history may never be available on the market again. The Brandenburg Regiment of the Totenkopfverbande was the only regiment that displayed two Totenkopf on their horse blankets. On this pad only one remains. Two of these saddle pads are known to exist. $10000.  More Photos

188SO9 -Waffen SS grave marker of SS-Mann Schutte. This rare article was found in a barn in France by the Frenchman who brought it to an early MAX show in Baltimore where it was bought by a collector. The extended wooden base was cut in order that the marker would fit in the luggage. French farmers collected these markers to use as firewood following the war. The marker measures 31.5 inches in length and 13.5 inches across. The marker denotes SS-Mann Schutte birthdate and date of death. The 1940 date was the fall of France. Very rare. $3000.  More Photos

188SO8 -Rare Allgemeine SS officer's dress brocade belt with storage case. This are belt features an intricate pattern of alternating SS runics and oak leaves on the silver aluminum brocade having upper and lower rows of black stripes interwoven with silver threads and bordered with black wool. The interior is lined with black wool felt. The sizing strap to which the buckle is affixed displays the handwritten officer's name, rank and dated. The officer's aluminum buckle features the OCL ( Overhof & Cie, Ludenscheid ), maker's RZM and 36/40 stamps. Rare to find one marked by the owner. The black ersatz leather case is lined with burgundy velvet. $4500.  More Photos

Rare presentation SS Himmler 1934 Ehrendolch  crafted exclusively by Carl Eickhorn

185SO1 - Rare presentation SS Himmler 1934 Ehrendolch crafted exclusively by Carl Eickhorn. The SS Himmler presentation was awarded to the SS officers and men who participated in the overthrow of Ernst Röhm and the powerful Sturmabteilung brown shirts in the historic "Night of the Long Knives" that resulted in S.A. leader Ernst Röhm's execution after Röhm attempted to usurp Adolf Hitler's authority in the NSDAP on June 30, 1934. The recipients also included many honorary SS generals. Estimates of produced H. Himmler daggers run approximately 2500 according to Thomas Wittmann author of "Exploring The Dress Daggers and Swords of the German SS", published privately by the author. Copyright 2003, page 95.The dagger features all matching early nickel silver fittings for the upper and lower crossguards and scabbard mounts. The underside of the lower crossguard is stamped with the benchmark number "2". Himmler presentation daggers display benchmark numbers ranging from 0-9. The black grip is free of cracks ans and chips. The SS runics button and nickel silver grip eagle display excellent detail. The nickel silver eagle is the high neck style eagle. The upper and lower crossguards are internally marked "H E" as these Eickhorn made Himmlers are. The blade is in excellent condition with minimal / light age and wear. The obverse side of the blade presents the SS motto "Meine Ehre Heisst Treue" ( My Honor is Loyalty) and the reverse of the blade shows the small oval early Carl Eickhorn squirrel with the non-serrated tail. The Reichsfuhrer SS H. Himmler presentation inscription " In Herzicher Kameradschaft H. Himmler " ( In Heartfelt Comradeship H. Himmler ) displays good background burnishing. The blade displays minor age and has no evidence of re-tipping, sharpening, cleaning or pitting. The anodized scabbard mounts are affixed with four original un-turned screws. The black anodized scabbard is straight, free of dents and displays some of its original lacquer finish. The scabbard's lower mount ball is without dents. Attached to the scabbard is the original black leather hanger. The leather is supple and in excellent condition. $9,995.  More Photos

184S07 - Waffen SS Oberfuhrer tunic with matching breeches. This exceptional offering features high quality gabardine wool tunic with matching Oberfuhrer shoulder boards ( shulterstucke) of interwoven double cords with white waffenfarbe over a black wool base with two rank pips. The double oak leaf collar tabs ( kragenpatten). are hand embroidered with silver bullion thread. The officer sleeve eagle is the machine woven silver flatwire type. The tunic's four pockets are pleated and scalloped. Over the left breast pocket are a series of loops for the attachment of a long ribbon bar. On the left breast pocket are three sets of loops for the Oberfuhrer's decorations. Sewn to the second buttonhole is the ribbon for service during the eastern front campaign during the winter of 1941-1942 also known as the Frozen Mest and Russian Front medal. The exterior of the tunic is in museum quality condition having no mothing or stains. The unmarked interior displays minor evidence of age and wear.The matching breeches display internal evidence of mild wear. The breeches are, like the tunic, free of mothing and stains. The Oberfuhrer had the end of each pant leg widened to adjust to his leg size with the addition of field gray wool material. $19500.  More Photos

184S06 -Published Waffen SS Polizei Division Hauptsturmfuhrer's tunic. This tunic was acquired directly from U.S. Army veteran John L. Farley who served with the 90th Division and landed on Utah Beach on June 6 , D-Day. This worn officer quality gabardine wool tunic is the same identical tunic featured in author Michael Beaver's book, " Uniforms of the Waffen SS ", Published by Schiffer Military Publishing, Copyrighted 2002, page 260. The tunic features matching Haupsturmfuhrer shoulder boards with white waffenfarb on black underlay and two rank pips on each board. On the right sleeve is the SS Ehrenwinkle chevron indicating membership in the SS or NSDAP prior to 1933. On the left sleeve a hand-embroidered SS officer silver wire bullion eagle. The officer collar tabs ( kragenpatten ) display the standard SS officer runes tab with a silver aluminum twistcord border. On the opposite collar is the rank tab of a Hauptsturmfuhrer. On the left lower sleeve is displayed an officer flat silver wire cufftitle for "SS-Polizei-Division" (Waffen SS 4th Grenadier Division). The five pebbled button front closure tunic displays two scalloped and pleated breast pockets and two scalloped and pleated hip pockets. Above the left breast are two loops for a short ribbon bar. On the pocket's pleat are two additional loops. Sewn to the second buttonhole is a ribbon for the Iron Cross 2nd Class. The fully lined interior displays period alterations made for size adjustment. $18500.  More Photos

184U3 -Parially restored private purchase, six-button front Waffen SS officer’s tunic named to Captain Hauptsturmfuhrer) Hans Joachim Mendrzyk. Tailored in field-gray tricot, the tunic features a matching set of collar tabs with silver bullion runes and the rank insignia of an SS captain. The set is hand-sewn to the collar. The sleeve eagle is an officer’s quality, meticulously-embroidered example in silver bullion. The shoulder boards are trimmed in white piping (Waffenfarbe) indicating infantry. On the left board is the a dye-struck, gold-colored “LAH” cypher of the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler. The cypher is missing from the right shoulder board, but a faint discoloration indicates where it had previously been in place. The left sleeve displays an officer’s hand-embroidered “Adolf Hitler” cuff title of the LAH. The cuff title shows friction wear to the inward side from brushing against the side of the tunic. The garment is decorated with the ribbon for the Iron Cross Second Class sewn into the second buttonhole. Above the left pocket is the ribbon bar for the Russian campaign winter medal. Below the left breast pocket are loops for two combat decorations. The pockets are pleated, with scalloped flaps. The buttons are standard pebbled aluminum finished in field gray. The interior lining is light green rayon. The garment has no mothing or stains, displaying normal wear and aging for a field uniform. The original tailor’s label sewn onto the interior breast pocket reads “Schebben, Aachen”. It is named to First Lieutenant Hans Mendrzyk. The tailor wrote the abbreviation “Olt”, using the army rank (Oberleutnant) instead of that of the SS. This was not uncommon, as many Germans were unfamiliar with the different rank names employed by the Waffen SS. The tailor’s label is dated September 9, 1941. The uniform includes photocopies obtained from the German military archives relevant to Captain Mendrzyk’s life and career. He was born on September 21, 1917 in Posen. Mendrzyk joined the SS-VT (Verfugungstruppe), or ready-for-deployment troop, in November 1937. This was the combat force eventually renamed the Waffen SS. He graduated from the Waffen SS officer’s academy at Bad Tolz and was posted to the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler. He served as commandant of Officer’s Candidate School III (Fuhreranwurterschule) in Berlin, and also of Officer’s Candidate School I. He later became commandant of the Engineer School in Hradischko. Mendryzk’s decorations include the SA Sports Badge in bronze, the Hitler Youth Honor Badge, the Iron Cross Second Class, the Wound Badge in black, the Russian winter campaign medal and the Bulgarian Military Order. An original partially restored tunic of a Waffen SS officer, with service record, is among the rarest and most collectible garments from the period that a dealer can offer… a truly historic artifact. Haupsturmfuhrer Mendryzk was the only Mendryzk to serve in the Wehrmacht including the Waffen SS. Rare. $12,500.  More Photos

Full Ernst Rohm dedication Ehrendolch honor dagger, by Carl Eickhorn

184SO1 -SA Full Rohm dedication Ehrendolch by Carl Eickhorn. On February 3, 1934 Ernst Rohm, as head of the SA and SS, signed an order that authorized a SS and SA Honor Dagger that would bear his dedication, " In herlicher Kameradschaft, Ernst Rohm" be awarded to all officers and men of the SA and SS who joined the SA or SS prior to December 31, 1931 without having a break in membership. On April 12, 1934 another order was issued by the office of the Reichsfuhrer SS, that a certificate would be issued to all personnel awarded the Ehrendolch. On June 30, 1934 Adolf Hitler, as German Chancellor, authorized the execution of Ernest Rohm along with all other high ranking individuals he felt were a threat to his leadership. This purge is now commonly referred to as "The Night of the Long Knives". On July 4, 1934 Heinrich Himmler, as the new Reichsfuhrer SS replacing Ernest Rohm, ordered that the entire Rohm dedication be ground off the dagger of of all SS personnel in possession of the Ehrendolch. As a result of this order, few of the only 9900 authorized honor daggers survived this grinding. This Ehrendolch features all nickel silver upper and lower crossguards. The enamel SS runics button is perfect having no chips or discoloration. The grip eagle is outstanding in its condition and detail. The deep black ebony wood grip is likewise perfect being free of chips and cracks. The reverse og the lower crossguard is stamped with the Arabic numbers 28967. The full length blade is stunning being in near mint condition. The blade's obverse side presents a deeply etched and burnished SS motto, "Meine Ehre heist Treue" ( My Honor is my Loyalty). The reverse side retains its fully intact Ernst Rohm inscribed dedication, "In herlicher Kameradschaft, Ernst Rohm ". The early Carl Eickhorn oval trademark is etched beneath the lower crossguard. The black anodized scabbard retains much of its original lacquer.All metal components of the dagger, scabbard and hanger display a consistent patina resulting from storage and age. $17500.  More Photos

Luftwaffe General  white summer (Sommermutze) visor hat

1711SO1 - Luftwaffe General white summer (Sommermutze) visor hat. This stunning example features all matching bullion Luftwaffe General's eagle, kokarde, capband waffenfarbe and bullion chincords. The white cotton pique top is in excellent condition having minor storage age. The side buttons are gilt pebbled aluminum. The black mohair capband is free of mothing. The unlined , unmarked interior is typical midwar kleiderklasse examples. The leather sweatband is complete displaying minimal wear. The size is 57. Very rare. $9000. More Photos

Near unobtainable Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler 1st pattern personal Command Flag

OPS6 - The Oakleaf Private Sale - Near unobtainable Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler 1st pattern personal Command Flag. On August 17, 1933 Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler announced the regulations by which SS officials would display car pennants and command flags. These flags were initially of the same design as the SA command flags and pennants except for the use of black triangular fields replacing the red fields of the SA. The " RFSS Kommandoflagge " features a central silver appliqué national eagle with accent threads showing excellent detail. The high-relief double sided flag measures 36.0 x 34.0 inches. A sleeve extends along one vertical side through which a staff would pass through for display.The flag was displayed near Heinrich Himmler for Schutzstaffel formal and public occasions. Contact Oakleaf for further information. $27,500. More Photos

Reichs Arbeit Dienst (RAD) gorget

099m1 - Reichs Arbeit Dienst (RAD) gorget. This gorget features the RAD insigne of the swastika on a shovel flanked by sheaves of wheat centered on the heart-shaped silver frontplate. Above the RAD insigne is the RAD motto, "Arbeit adelt", "Work enobles". The frontplate is suspended with a chain link with connectors assembly. The reverse of the frontplate is covered with field gray wool. These gorgets were worn by select members of the RAD for parades and other ceremonial events.- $1250. More Photos

NSDAP standard bearer gorget

184Gorget1- As worn by Army units carrying out duties that included traffic direction, maintain order, etc. Overall very good condition. $1200.  More Photos

Rare Red Cross (Rote Kreutz) standard bearers Gorget

1610SO5 - Rare Red Cross (Rote Kreutz) standard bearers Gorget. This nNear mint gorget was worn by German Red Cross standard bearers for parades and other official events. The gorget retains much of its original silver frosted finish on its central ensignia. The unmarked reverse is in its "as-found" condtion retaining remnants of its buff colored felt material backing. $7500. More Photos

Rare SS Streifendienst gorget

1610SO6 - Rare SS Streifendienst gorget. This rare gorget was first worn in 1936 by Allgemeine SS personnel charged with keeping order during parades and other events that required crowd control. The Streifendienst gorget was also worn when assigned to patrol streets to ensure that other SS personnel conducted themselves in a manner in keeping with SS regulations. A special Ausweis was carried by personnel authorized to wear the disc. The disc is appropriately marked with the SS runics, RZM and RZM maker's code 140 on the reverse center attachment. Original and mint. $7750. More Photos

Ultra-rare RMBO senior government officials dagger by Carl Eickhorn.

184SO5 -Ultra-rare RMBO Eastern Peoples senior government officials dagger by Carl Eickhorn. One of the most elegantly designed daggers of the Third Reich, this dagger features a gold wash art deco stylized eagle's head grip lower crossguard and scabbard. The grip's plates are pristine mother-of-pearl over a wood base having no cracks, chips or discoloration. Rare to find in these ultra-rare daggers is the amount of gold wash evident along the hilt's spine, eagle's head or lower crossguard. This gilt wash is consistent over the entire dagger and scabbard.The tang nut that secures the hilt and blade is unturned indication this dagger has not been apart. The lower crossguard eagle is an elegant example of the craftsmanship that Eickhorn put into the design of its Government official daggers. The blade is identical to the standard army dagger. This blade is in mint condition with the Eickhorn squirrel on the reverse below the lower crossguard. The scabbard displays a high degree of its original gilt finish and is straight and free of dents.The use of the gilt wash over the government officials dagger was intended to better compliment the brown uniforms worn by RMBO officials who administered government affairs in the eastern occupied countries as announced in article in Uniformen-Markt dated 1 October 1941. The article states that high RMBO officials are authorized to wear a gilt dagger that was consistent with the color of their uniforms. $16,250.  More Photos

SA Feldjagerkorps clamshell dress bayonet

184SO4 -SA Feldjagerkorps clamshell dress bayonet by WKC with 1935 dated frog and portepee. The SA Feldjagerkorp was established by Hermann Goring as head of the Prussian Polizei in October 1934 as a police unit within the SA . The Feldjagerkorp was distinguished by having a white band around the top of their kepis. This dress bayonet features gold wash over brass metal fittings on the hilt and scabbard. The insignia on the stag grip displays the State of Prussia eagle with a miniature swastika on its breast. The stag grip plates are perfect being free of cracks. The clamshell exhibits the Prussian sate eagle. The mirror finish blade is 100% mint measuring a full 17.25 inches in length. The WKY knight head appears under the clamshell on the obverse. The portepee is in mint condition with no fraying. The black leather frog retains better than 95% of its black finish. The reverse shows the maker and is dated 1935. An extremely rare bayonet and impossible to upgrade. $5875.  More Photos

Commemorative Medal October 1938 for the Sudetenland Anschluss

183mab2 -Very rare mint unissued NSDAP 15 Years Faithful Service award with original carton with the gilt state eagle and the mint silver and enameled blue medal. The carton shows the RZM maker on the reverse bottom. Impossible to upgrade.$750. More Photos

183mab1 -Very rare mint unissued NSDAP 25 Years Faithful Service cased award. This is the ultimate of the NSDAP long service awards having its original red leatherette case with the gilt state eagle and the mint white enameled and gilt eagle medal. $8500. More Photos