The Oakleaf Private sale

As our collecting community has continued to mature, increasingly the availability of very rare and near unobtainable military collectibles have come onto the market and will continue to do so. It is recognized that many high-end and discerning collectors require anonymity not only for themselves but also for the price they pay for their collectibles. Sellers, more often than not, also wish to remain unidentified. The collecting community is aware that many articles are sold from one collection going straight into another collection being "private sales". On occasion, Oakleaf Militaria has the opportunity to sell very rare and near-unobtainable militaria without the article ever reaching the website sold simply by making a telephone call. Oakleaf Militaria is proud to open The Oakleaf Private Sale section with two outstanding opportunities for the discriminating collector; an extremely rare and period awarded Pour le Merite with Oak Leaves and a Deutschand Erwache Standarte.

In addition to the original inventory listed in the various sections, very rare and specially curated articles will be listed in the Oakleaf Private Sale section with Price On Request in addition to their respective categories along with the " Private Sale " designation. The purpose of this is two-fold: First, these articles are not intended to set the market price as a benchmark. Second, this is intended to provide a layer of privacy to both the seller and the buyer and the price that was paid for the collectible. As these articles are at minimum very rare, they are priced exclusively for the particular item. Oakleaf requests that interested parties Contact Oakleaf directly by TELEPHONE in order to request additional images, address specific questions and the price. All images and printed communication are subject to Oakleaf Copyright and are not intended for further dissemination, sharing in any manner or posting. These communications and sales will be held in the strictest confidence. The Oakleaf Private Sale is also intended to attract the attention of sellers who wish to have the sale of their rare collectibles conducted in a private manner that allows them to remain unknown to the general collecting community. The Oakleaf Private Sale may also be implemented as a means to "SEARCH" for rare and near unobtainable collectibles by contacting Oakleaf Militaria, Inc. directly.
Near unobtainable Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler 1st pattern personal Command Flag

OPS6 - The Oakleaf Private Sale - Near unobtainable Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler 1st pattern personal Command Flag. On August 17, 1933 Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler announced the regulations by which SS officials would display car pennants and command flags. These flags were initially of the same design as the SA command flags and pennants except for the use of black triangular fields replacing the red fields of the SA. The " RFSS Kommandoflagge " features a central silver appliqué national eagle with accent threads showing excellent detail. The high-relief double sided flag measures 36.0 x 34.0 inches. A sleeve extends along one vertical side through which a staff would pass through for display.The flag was displayed near Heinrich Himmler for Schutzstaffel formal and public occasions. Contact Oakleaf for further information. $27,500. More Photos

Extremely rare DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE tassel set and cross pole

OPS5 - The Oakleaf Private Sale - Extremely rare DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE tassel set and cross pole. This tassel set and crosspole are offered separate of the previously listed DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE standard with cross pole and tassels. The QUASTEN ( tassels) and STANDARTENQUERSTOCK ( cross pole) are a rare combination to be offered and can be acquired together or sold separately. The tassels will not be separated. This offering makes for a great opportunity to complete or enhance your DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE flag ( STANDARTENTUCH ). Contact Oakleaf for further information.  More Photos

Stunning Pour le Merite from the 1914 - 1916 period with Gold Oak Leaves

OPS4 - The Oakleaf Private Sale - Stunning Pour le Merite from the 1914 - 1916 period with Gold Oak Leaves, presentation Sy & Wagner made silver presentation cigarette case and presentation gold cufflinks set. Pour le Merite is two piece constructed in the manner of an Iron Cross. Hollow gold cross with, well defined crown and eagles. Seam is evident along inside arms of the cross. Two weep holes for gass release on each of the opposite side arms.. Light wear is evident in reverse enamel. Weight of cross is 14.8 grams. Baroque style bale first seen on Pour le Merites presented in 1914. After November 1916 gold was no longer used for the Orders being replaced using silver with gold finish (vermeils). Exceedingly rare Oak Leaves award in thin sheet stamped gold with pebbled background. Large oval ring suspension ring soldered onto reverse side. Rich blue velvet jeweler case with 18K gold crown. Interior presents jeweler name Sy & Wagner, Berlin on silk lined lid . Silver and jeweler stamped cigarette case resides in recessed bottom. Silver case has cabochon sapphire push button release. Exterior lid of case has facsimile signature of "Wilhelm" Kaiser. Set into the lid is a red ruby stone. Accompanying this rare presentation set is a pair of 18K cufflinks presented by the Imperial family as the crown is central with inlayed stones. The reverse of the cufflinks are numbered. An eight inch section of the ribbon for the Pour le Merite finishes the offering. Please contact Oakleaf directly for questions and pricing.  More Photos

SS Adjutant Aiguillettes

OPS3 - The Oakleaf Private Sale - SS Adjutant Aiguillettes. Please Contact Oakleaf For Further Information. More Photos

Deutschland Erwacht standarte pole top

OPS2 - The Oakleaf Private Sale - Deutschland Erwache standarte pole top. Please Contact Oakleaf For Further Information. More Photos

mint DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE flag, cross pole and tassel set

OPS1 - The Oakleaf Private Sale - Mint DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE flag, cross pole and tassel set. Contact Oakleaf For Further Information. More Photos