Polish Uniforms

Very rare late war complete Volkssturm uniform set including tunic

- Collectors Connection - Rare World War II Polish Army Colonel of the Carpathian Uhlan Regiment, 2nd Polish Corps. This rare set includes the colonel's British -made " Battle Dress" jacket, trousers and beret. The British cut Battle Dress jacket features the rank insignia of a Polish colonel on each of the epaulettes. On the left sleeve is insignia indicating the city of Warsaw. Above this is the insignia patch indicating Poland. On the right sleeve is the shield and cross insignia of the British 8th Army. The enameled lapel badges are for the Carpathian Lancers Rgt. Above the left breast pleated pocket are the officer's awards for valor that include from the top ribbon down;

  1. Virtuti Militari V ( Poland's highest award for combat bravery in the face of the enemy)
  2. Polish Cross of Valor for courage and valor on the battlefield
  3. Army Medal for War 1939-1945
  4. Monte Cassino Cross, 1939-1945
  5. Africa Star for service in Africa
  6. Italy Star , 6/11/43 - 5/8/45
  7. 1939 War Medal
  8. The Defense Medal
On the left pocket is the badge of the 3rd Carpathian Rifles Division. The jacket is accompanied by the colonels beret that he worn with his rank insignia and his straight leg wool trousers. All articles of clothing display matching buttons and construction. The beret, jacket and trousers present consistent period wear. The coat is approximately size 38. It was the Polish Army contingent that first entered Monte Cassino. Very rare. $2500. More Photos