USA WW1, Workers Lend Your Strength to the Red Triangle

135POS11 - USA WW1, Workers Lend Your Strength to the Red Triangle- YMCA, Artist- Gil Spear, (20" X 28") shrink-wrapped on poster board, Well done poster showing importance of workers to the war effort. Excellent condition $300. More Photos

USA  WW1, Fight or Buy War Bonds

135POS10 - USA WW1, Fight or Buy War Bonds- artist Howard Chandler Christy, arguably the Most famous WW1 artist. (same as poster #4) This one is in much better Condition and un-framed. some repairs to back & minor edging damage. Sexy "Christy Girl" exhorting patriotism. Size is 21 1/2 X 26 inches. Famous Poster. Pictured in books (1) Posters of first world war- Rickards & (2) American posters of WWI -Theofiles $900. More Photos

USA WW2, Doing all you can Brother?

135POS9 - USA WW2," Doing all you can Brother? Buy War Bonds" 28"X22", US Govt Printing office 1943, US $300. More Photos

USA WW2, Back the Attack

135POS8 - USA WW2," Back the Attack, 3rd war loan (28' X20') showing US Savings Bond Series E, 9-1943, US Govt Printing Office 1943, VG-EXC $65. More Photos

Modern Poster- Art Print Spitfire by Barrie Clark

135POS5 - Modern Poster- Art Print" Spitfire" by Barrie Clark, (40" X 23") heavy deluxe paper striking portrait of an attacking spitfire defending freedom against all odds. Unframed mint-condition & rolled to be mailed, also pictured is my personal framed copy for reference.. $200. More Photos

USA WW2, Pharmacy, Victory Loan

135POS4 - USA WW2, Pharmacy, Victory Loan. Size is 18 X 25 inches. $125. More Photos

USA WW1, Help Stop This Hun

135POS3 - USA WW1, Help Stop This "Hun" (27.5 x20.5") 1918, artist Adolph Treidler, another power powerful of the "Hun", notice bloody knife, trampled woman & turned away face (showing no humanity), pictured in books (1) Persuasive Images-Part & (2) American WW1 posters- Theo files $500. More Photos


135POS2 - USA WW1, TELL THAT TO THE MARINES! (40"x30") famous artist James Montgomery Flag, (artist of Uncle Sam pointing "I want You" for US Army) Angered American by newspaper headline "Huns kill women and children", Don't the Marines still use a similar phrase?, Great condition despite some minor Border damage and 5/8 inch hole below left hand. CLASSIC POSTER & ARTIST $700. More Photos


135POS1 - USA WW2, ( JOAN OF ARC SAVED FRANCE) (40"X30") "Women of America, Save Your Country- Buy War Savings Stamps" Produced by War Savings Stamps (WSS), WSS produced a number of great WW1 posters & tape adhesiv e left a "dirty" coloring to white boarder. Poster should frame well. Despite some damage, Colors are very Vibrant & Bright. Heroic female figure is a classic beauty of early 20th century appeal. Artist- Haskell Coffin, pictured in book American Posters of WWI-Theofiles $600. More Photos