German Etceteras

Pocket size Kriegsmarine notebook

156M1 - Pocket size Kriegsmarine notebook. This miniature size notebook features a fouled anchor and national war flag design on its metal cover. The inside has several sheets of paper for note taking. The first page displays what appears to be birthdates written in English. $100. More Photos

he Jubilee Landing

156ART5 - The Jubilee Landing ". Original wartime German newspaper proof etching featuring a returning ME109 being greeted by Luftwaffe ground crew members. Rare. $300 More Photos

Extremely rare Totenkopfverbande Standarte Oberbayern saddle blanket

153SO2 - Extremely rare Totenkopfverbande Standarte Oberbayern saddle blanket. There are only two of these known to exist. This very rare offering features a silver tresse border with a silver embroidered totenkopf on each side of the black wool padded blanket. This was used under the saddle of a mounted officer of the Totenkopfverbande Oberbayern Standarte in parades and other formal occasions. This saddle blanket is in excellent condition. $21,500. More Photos

Very Rare  Schutzstaffel parade snare drum with sticks

153SO3 - Very Rare Schutzstaffel parade snare drum with sticks. This rare instrument features a silver drum barrel with an alternating black and white painted triangular design along the upper and lower borders. The drum head is made of stretched calf skin. $5999. More Photos

Waffen SS identification disc

132DI1 - Waffen SS identification disc. Heavy zinc disc for SS Frw. Brig. st. Ndl. ( Niederlande?). Rare. $400. More Photos

Very rare ID. disc for Luftwaffe Flakwaffen -Helferinnen

1203ID1 - Very rare ID. disc for Luftwaffe Flakwaffen -Helferinnen. This zinc identification disc diplays the Flak Unit number, Air district XII, 1. Batt. and the individual's number 208. $125. More Photos

Inspector of the Ordungspolzei, Bayern-Sud plaque

1209M1 - Inspector of the Ordungspolzei, Bayern-Sud plaque. $75. More Photos

Otto Boenicke, Berlin Reichsmarschall cigar box featuring Hermann Goring

1101IM1 - Otto Boenicke, Berlin "Reichsmarschall" cigar box featuring Hermann Goring. This wooden cigar box proudly displays Hermann Goring and his Reichmarchal's baton on the interior lid. The outer border shows a motif of batons and oak leaves. This brand of cigars was favored or endorsed by Reichsmarschall Goring. $2500. More Photos

091m1-1small.jpg (36140 bytes)

091m1 - Hand carved SA Standard Bearer. Carved from a single block of wood, this highly detailed item of artwork features a SA mann wearing his kepi and holding his standard at attention. The standard itself is a work of art featuring his SA district and decorative fringe carved into the flag. Additional detail is evident in his tie pin, armband, kepi and the creases in his britches. He stands at the top of finial 15 inches tall. The base measures 3 inches across the front and 3 inches deep. A great piece of hand-carved Third Reich art. $1850. More Photos

085m1-1small.jpg (36140 bytes)

085m1 - Luftwaffe marksman's lanyard. Nicely woven cord with silver aluminum thread. The eagle and wreath show nice detail. The blue fabric backing has deteriorated. $185. More Photos

0710m3-1small.jpg (36140 bytes)

0710m3 - Luftwaffe beer bottle . This rather rare piece is perfect for the collector of Luftwaffe items. The stopper is marked Eigentum der Luftwaffe, "Property pf the Luftwaffe". The glass has "Livonia" and "Tartu" formed during the glass-blowing, manufacturing process. Along the bottom of the bottle are the words, "Mitte Muudav". It is easy to imagine this bottle being enjoyed in a Luftwaffe messhall. $225. More Photos

079m1-1small.jpg (36140 bytes)

079m1 - Kriegsmarine band drum with cross strap hanger and drum sticks. This drum was carried by Kriegsmarine bandsmen in parades and other formal occasions. This complete set offers a drum painted with an alternating red sawtooth design along the upper and lower edges with a white background. There is a steel midsection and an attached wire for additional percussion on the bottom. This has come unattached on one side. The drum shows use. The covered top and bottom are intact. The cross strap and brass hanger that attaches to the eyelets on the drum is a perfect fit. The cross strap's leather belt and buckle are in very good and complete condition. The drum sticks are black painted and of unequal length. They show use and have wear to their finish. I'd recommend not letting young children or musically inclined adults near this rare piece. Rare. $950. More Photos