1 Totenkopf Honor Rings

Totenkopf Honor Rings

Collectors Connection SS Totenkopfring Honor Ring -Totenkopfring Honor Ring awarded to SS officer Obersturmfuhrer Brand dated 20/4/38. Born 15.4.1904, Heinrich Brand joined the SS 17.11.1931 with SS Ausweis number 20653. On 20.4.1937 Brand was promoted to the rank of Untersturmfuhrer and assigned to the staff of II SS-Sturmbann/69. SS Standarte of the Allgemeine SS. On 30.1.1943 Brand was promoted to the rank of Obersturmfuhrer. On 1.06.1944 Obersturmfuhrer was assigned to the 30. SS Standarte of the Allgemeine SS. This SS Totenkopfring shows normal/light wear in the details in the skull and runic panels. The background stippling is also evident in a number of the panels. The ring exhibits die flaw characteristics evident in authentic Totenkopf rings. The joiner seam is apparent beneath the original silver solder on the interior behind the skull. The engraving is typical of what is encountered in a 1940's style ring. This ring is size 13. A very large size. This ring comes with a Don Boyle Certificate of Authenticity. Please see additional information regarding the Collectors Connection section on the Homepage. $10,000. More Photos