German Awards, Documents and Photograps, Posters

Wehrpass, Soldbuchs & Identity papers

196P17 -Unissued Kennkarte. Personal ID. $25. More Photos

196P16 -Rundfunkgenehgung. Broadcasting license ith personal letter and Swedish postmarked envelop. $40. More Photos

196P15 -Bescheinigung zur Benutzung der Eisenbahn. Railway Pass for August Lebeau. December 1944. $30. More Photos

196P14 -Polizei Dienstausweis of Franz Heil. $65. More Photos

196P13 -Polizei Dienstausweis of Oberwachmeister Franz Fritzenwallner. $65. More Photos

196P12 -Polizei Dienstausweis of Leutnant der Schupo Ludwig Hasholzner. $75. More Photos

196P11 -Polizei Dienstausweis of Johann Gadenz. $65. More Photos

196P10 -Polizei Dienstausweis of Franz Horny. $65. More Photos

196P9 -Polizei Soldbuch Personalausweis of Hauptwachmeister Hermann Kitzmantel.$125. More Photos

196P8 -Polizei Soldbuch Personalausweis and Dienstausweis of Karl Gutlbauer. $150 More Photos

196P7 -Polizei Soldbuch Personalausweis of Alois Pichler. $100. More Photos

196P6 -Polizei Soldbuch Personalausweis of Anton Rosenthal.$100. More Photos

196P5 -Polizei-Dienstpass of Alois.$75. More Photos

196P4 -Polizei-Dienstpass of Johann.$75.  More Photos

196P3 -Kennkarte of Herbert Schwarz. Missing photo. $25. More Photos

196P2 -Feuerwehr Ausweis. Un-issued. $35.  More Photos

196P1 -Polizei Kraftfahrzeugschein for Police officer Winzer.$30.  More Photos

194P4 -Wood sign painted Adolf Hitler quote. Nothing is more important than the lives of the German people. Sign measures approximately 15 x 9 inches. Varnished. $350.  More Photos

194P3 -Early Hitler Youth poster. Poster measures approximately 20. x 28 inches. Would look great if properly framed and matted. $650.  More Photos

194P2 -NSDAP enamel recruitment tally sign. As each Ort was responsible for recruitment for the various NSDAP organizations, this sign was used at a local level as a tally for this activity. Sign measures approximately 25. x 30. inches .$1800.  More Photos

194P1 -Early Deutschland Erwache enamel sign. This sign measures 13.0 x 19.5 inches. This sign maker is not identified in the Wim Saris and Mike Shaner book. $1500.  More Photos

188P10 -Set of two documents regarding Theodor Eicke. Teletype thanking Reichsleiter Robert Ley for his participation in memorial services for Theodor Eicke from Heinrich Himmler. The second document sent from Heinrich Himmler dated 19.12.1942 wishing Eicke a success campaign in the coming year. $500.  More Photos

188P9 -Promotion notification sent from Adolf Hitler to Theodor Eicke from Fuhrerhauptquartier 20.4.1942 promoting Eicke from SS- Gruppenfuhrer to SS-Obergruppenfuhrer. April 20 was Adolf Hitler's birthday. $2500.  More Photos

188P8 -An invitiation to attend an anniversary meeting to celebrate the founding of an Ortsgruppe sent to SS-Untersturmfuhrer Georg Renken of SS-Totenkopf-Standarte -Brandenburg dated 1. Mai. 1939. $150.  More Photos

188P7 -A selection of documents of Totenkopf Knights Cross winner and Gruppenfuhrer Max Sim SS number 83 086. This set of SS documents includes evaluation, transfer and promotion documents. Max Simon was awarded the Oak Leaves to his Knights Cross on 28.10.44 as commanding officer of the 16th Pz. Gren. Div. Reichsfuhrer SS in Italy. $2000.  More Photos

188P6 -Telegram sent to Reischsportfuhrer v. Tschammer thanking him for his participation in services for the death of SS-Gruppenfuhrer Theodor Eicke dated 7.3.43. $400.  More Photos

188P5 -From the office of Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler to SS-Obergruppenfuhrer a document naming Unterscharfuhrer Zingel as being awarded the Knights Cross. $999.  More Photos

188P4 -Set of two promotion documents of Totenkopf Brandenburg Gustav Pessara . $250.  More Photos

188P3 -Knights Cross winner Ernst Staudle Oberscharfuhrer Totenkopf Division period autographed portrait postcard. $250.  More Photos

188P2 -Evaluation report for SS STURMBANNFUHRER HELLMUTH BECKER OF 1. SS-TOTENKOPFSTANDARTE. Signed by Gruppenfuhrer Eicke, Hellmuth Becker went forward to be awarded the Knights Cross 7.9.43 and was promoted to the rank of SS-Brigadefuhrer. Becker died while in Soviet captivity on 28.2. 52. $1500.  More Photos

188P1 -SS Ausweiss identity card for Heinrich Exl . Ausweiss is dated 15. April 1939. SS number 141 976. $500.  More Photos

187P19 -Documentation grouping of SS- Totenkopfverbande Unterscharfuhrer Rudolf Hauf of Totenkopf SS Standarte Brandenburg and later 4. /SS-Art. Rgt. 3 Totenkopf. Last entry 20.12.44. $2650.  More Photos

187P18 -Documentation grouping of SS - Scharfuhrer Franz Lang SS Nr. 124 510 of SS-Totenkopfstandarte Oberbayern. Promoted to Hauptscharfuhrer 1.9.44 white serving with 5./ SS-Totenkopf Infantry Reserve Batl.3. Serving in the Russlandfeldzug Hauptsvharfuhrer was wounded and awarded the Black Wound badge and Demyansk shield. Extensive service documentation. $2795.  More Photos

187P17 -Documentation grouping of SS-Kanonier Walter Kunne. Extensive service file of artilleryman serving with the 4.6./ Art. Res. Abteilung SS-VT. Awarded Black Wound badge for service on 13, Marz, 1942. $2650.  More Photos

187P16 -Documentation grouping of SS Oberscharfuhrer Hans Lein SS Nr. 61 909. Served in SS-Verfugungstruppe 3./SS-Pionier Btln. Last entry March 1945 serving in SS supply depot. $2650.  More Photos

187P15 -Personnel file of Heinrich Batscha Sturmann of 5. Hunderschaft 2/ SS-T Brandenburg. $2500. More Photos

187P14 -Documentation grouping of Hauptscharfuhrer Hans Kuhling of SS-Totenkopfstandarte Brandenburg. Served on eastern front was awarded the Iron Cross I,11 as a Panzer - Jager and served in ERSATZ-ABTEILUNG at RASTENBURG. Oberscharfuhrer saw combat operations serving on the Polandfeldzug, Westernfeldzugs and Russland. Johannes Kuhling was qualified as a driver, Machinenpistole 39/40, Karabiner 98, Pistole 08, Pak 37. $2850. More Photos

187P13 -Framed document for Unterscharfuhrer Ludwig Rapf for 13. Marz 1938 medal. $100.  More Photos

187P12 -Framed document for Adams Wilhelm for Sturmabzeichen with badge with Obergruppenfuhrer Eicke penciled signature. $1000.  More Photos

187P11 -Framed documents and medals grouping of Totenkopf Rottenfuhrer Walter Schmitt. This set consists of Schmitt's American immigration identification document dated March 3, 1933 who later returned to Germany to fight with Totenkopf Div. Very rare. $2500.  More Photos

187P8 -Award document for Demjansk shield of Rottenfuhrer Johann Haselwanter with Theodore eicke embroidered cufftitle (accompanying shield is for Luftwaffe) $3500.  More Photos

187P7 -documents of Unterscharfuhrer Otto Mick for KVK2, Inf. Badge with badges. $500  More Photos

187P6 -Totenkopfring award document for Totenkopf division Knights Cross winner Oberscharfuhrer Ludwig Kochle . Heinrich Himmler facsimile signature dated 9. Mai 1941. Framed document comes with military combat record of Oberscharfuhrer Kochle on the reverse. Totenkopfring award documents are rarer than the rings themselves. A ring award document to a Totenkopf division Knights Cross recipient is exceedingly rare. $7500.  More Photos

187P5 -Schutzraum sign. Firing range sign. Approximately 8.0. X 19.25 inches. $500.  More Photos

187P2 -Documentation grouping of SS - Totenkopfstandarte Brandenburg Scharfuhrer Heinrich Rodefeld with identity disc. Grouping includes SS Unterfuhrer Ausweis # 294 525 and Dienstausweis #1977. $2995.43.  More Photos

187P1 -- Documentation grouping of Rudolph Muigg of SS-Totenkopf Standarte Oberbayern. SS-Nr. 318 838. Last entry 1945 while serving with SS-Totenkopf Artillery Rgt. 32. $2850.  More Photos


Awards documents


Photographs & Albums

188PHOTOALB4 -Hand-tooled leather photo album presented to the Batteriefuhrer of Artillerie Batterie in the Totenkopf Division dated 22.IV.41. $350.  More Photos

188PHOTOALB2 -Totenkopf cloth bound photo album with combination of 8 scenic postcards including the Feldherrenhalle and 40 photos depicting excellent images of Allgemeine uniforms. $700.  More Photos

188PHOTOALB1 -Totenkopf small format photo album with 104 early war images. Album measures 5. X 7.. Images depict Totenkopf soldiers in occupied war torn country and at camp. $650.  More Photos

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089p3 - 1917 dated and framed studio portrait of a German "Landser" wearing his M16 helmet and World War I uniform. This photographic portrait is a wonderful black and white study of the M16 German helmet. The right facing Heer enlisted man is framed in its original period lacquered frame. The condition of the frame is superb. The reverse shows the name of the Frankfort studio and date of the portrait. I would strongly urge the collector who purchases this piece to leave it intact. Condition is excellent and ready for display. $750. More Photos