German Gorgets

German Army Field Police ( Feldgendarmerie ) gorget

143G1 - German Army Field Police ( Feldgendarmerie ) gorget. This gorget as worn by the German army field 'Kettenhunds' displays excellent detail and retains almost 100% of its painted finish. There is mild oxidation to the silvered disc. The reverse shows the standard cardboard backing. There are no repairs to the suspension chain. Unmarked. $850. More Photos

Reichs Arbeit Dienst (RAD) gorget

099m1 - Reichs Arbeit Dienst (RAD) gorget. This gorget features the RAD insigne of the swastika on a shovel flanked by sheaves of wheat centered on the heart-shaped silver frontplate. Above the RAD insigne is the RAD motto, "Arbeit adelt", "Work enobles". The frontplate is suspended with a chain link with connectors assembly. The reverse of the frontplate is covered with field gray wool. These gorgets were worn by select members of the RAD for parades and other ceremonial events.- $1875. More Photos