German Flags, Banners
& Pole Tops

Hitlerjugend  Gefolgschaftsfahne ( Hitler Youth Company flag )

173F1 - Hitlerjugend Gefolgschaftsfahne ( Hitler Youth Company flag ). This cotton flag features the machine embroidered unit designation "25/400" in the upper left corner. This is chain-stitched in black thread. The central Hitler Youth motif featuring the swastika is multi-piece constructed. The flag retains its bright red sections. The white stripes display mild water discoloration. The hoist side of the flag retains its seven aluminum RZM stamped rings. These rings are 1937 dated. The flag measures 64.5 x 40.0 inches. $2250. More Photos

Army Motorized Artillery swallowtail standard

- Collectors Connection - Rare Army Motorized Artillery swallowtail standard. Direct from the veteran's family Oakleaf Militaria is proud to offer this mint condition red silk swallowtail. The flag features red silk field with a complex stitched hand-embroidered staff-facing oak leaves wreathed Wehrmacht eagle centered in an iron cross. This stunning example is free of mothing, staining and any deterioration in the silk. Stamped in one corner is the Arabic number 67 that would indicate the person who inspected the flag. $17,500. More Photos

Near unobtainable Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler 1st pattern personal Command Flag

OPS6 - The Oakleaf Private Sale - Near unobtainable Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler 1st pattern personal Command Flag. On August 17, 1933 Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler announced the regulations by which SS officials would display car pennants and command flags. These flags were initially of the same design as the SA command flags and pennants except for the use of black triangular fields replacing the red fields of the SA. The " RFSS Kommandoflagge " features a central silver appliqué national eagle with accent threads showing excellent detail. The high-relief double sided flag measures 36.0 x 34.0 inches. A sleeve extends along one vertical side through which a staff would pass through for display.The flag was displayed near Heinrich Himmler for Schutzstaffel formal and public occasions. Contact Oakleaf for further information.  More Photos

Army general's card pennant

1611SO18 - Army general's card pennant. This excellent example fewatures a cello gold Army eagle hand embroidered on a field gray wool background. The triangular pennant is bordered on its three sides with gold cello tresse with a series of repeating Wehrmacht eagles. Rare and excellent for framing for display. $2999. More Photos

Very rare DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE  Reiter Standartenspitze ( standard finial ) for SS-Reiter

1610SO2 - Very rare "DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE " Reiter Standartenspitze ( standard finial ) for SS-Reiter, NSKK Motorstandarte and NSFK standards. This gilt eagle with wreathed swastika standard is differentiated from the SA Reiter standard by its gilt finish. The Sturmabteilung finial was silver. Made by the Otto Gahr firm in Munich this standard is dated 1935. Carried in parade formations either by horseback or motorized units, this early finial is very rare. The reverse side of the collar that fitted over the pole is marked GAHR MÜNCHEN 1935 beneath the base of the wreath. The pole base of the finial is hollow in order that it would be affixed to the carrying pole. Near the bottom of the base is a horizontal pole that extended along the top of the cloth standarte flag to give its shape. This is another characteristic of the SS, NSKK, NSFK Reiter standarte as opposed to the SA one. $31500. More Photos

Desirable SS table/desk flag

164F1 - Desirable SS table/desk flag. This flag features central white embroidered SS runics on black cotton material. The three-sided flag is multi-piece constructed and is bordered with alternating black and white piping. The original tie string is attached. This size flag would be displayed suspended by a stand on a desk or table. The flag measures approximately 8.0 x 5.0 x 8.0 inches. No stains or areas of wear. $999. More Photos

Elegant SS table/desk banner

164F2 - Elegant SS table/desk banner. This black artificial silk banner is suspended by a small silver finished dowel rod with silver ball at each end. Tassels are hung from each end bordering the banner. These tassels display alternating black and silver threads. The one-sided banner features imprinted SS runics. This is presented in silver foil ink. The banner would have been suspended on a stand that would support the twisted alternating silver and black cord that attaches the tassels that runs across the top of the banner. $1050. More Photos

Large Hitler Youth flag

163F1 - Large Hitler Youth flag. This cotton flag is the standard flag of the Hitler Youth. The flag features a multi-piece central swastika. The two-sided flag is complete and is free of tears and staining. It does show normal age and soiling resulting from period use. The flag measures 43 x 87 inches. $600. More Photos

Rare early Allgemeine SS Standarte Deutschland bugle banner

163SO11 - Rare early Allgemeine SS Standarte Deutschland bugle banner. This exceptional article features an early totenopf and runics hand embroidered using heavy bullion wire thread. The obverse side displays the totenkopf while the reverse side displays the Schutzstaffel runics. Also evident is the shadow of where the arabic numeral "1" denoting the Deutschland Standarte was once present. The skull and runics are raised by use of an unterlagen on a black velvet field. The banner measures 12.25 x 13.5 inches indicating this would have been affixed to a bugle rather than a trumpet and is bordered with silverwire fringe. This rare SS article comes with a Certificate of Authenticity provided by noted SS collector David Delich. $12,500. More Photos

Extremely rare SS tapestry designed by Karl Diebitsch and executed by Mrs. Diebitsch

162SO5 - Extremely rare SS tapestry designed by Karl Diebitsch and executed by Mrs. Diebitsch. The unsigned wool tapestry measures approximately 4 x 5 feet and features the Schutzstaffel runic design hand embroidered in silk over four rows of four Wehrmacht style eagles. The runics are accented with borders of intertwined hand embroidered swastikas in metallic thread. Below the SS runics is the motto of the SS "Meine Ehre Heisst Treue" also accented with the same design using metallic thread. Karl Diebitsch designed much of the SS regalia including the Ehrendegen, Chained SS officer M36 dagger and designs of postage stamps. Karl Dietbitch was an early NSDAP party member holding number 1436. He later joined the SS and was promoted to the rank of Oberfuhrer and was attached to Totenkopfstandarte, Germania and Wiking. Oberfuhrer Karl Diebitsch survived the war and died in 1985. This brown and black background tapestry would have been displayed in a SS headquarters or the office of a high ranking SS officer. Along the top border of the tapestry are sewn eleven brown suede leather tabs for passing the suspension pole through. The reverse of the tapestry is backed with unadorned black cotton. Exceptionally rare .$29,999 More Photos

Large Kriegsmarine Kriegsflagge headquarters flag.

162F1 - Large Kriegsmarine "Kriegsflagge headquarters flag. Measures approximately 10.5 x 5. Feet. Moth damaged. $600. More Photos

Luftwaffe Regimental Standard for Flight and Paratroop regiments

162SO2 - Luftwaffe Regimental Standard for Flight and Paratroop regiments. ( Regimentsstandarte der Fliegertruppe und der Fallschirmjager - regimenter ). Excellent example on yellow/gold heavy silk with heavy bullion silver thread embroidery. Aluminum trim borders. Obverse displays heavily embroidered Luftwaff eagle. Reverse features a central iron cross. No snags, tears or silk rot. This rare Luftwaffe Reimental standarte is unit marked with an embroidered M.A.NR.27Suggested offering price $25,000. More Photos

Rare Deutschland Erwacht Standarte NSDAP front plate

1512SO9 - Rare Deutschland Erwacht Standarte "NSDAP" box plate. This NSDAP plate was affixed to the inside of the box above the Deutschland Erwacht flag. This plate was collected as a souvenir by an American GI soldier who retrieved it from a street in Berlin after it was separated from the rest of the standarte. The plate still retains portions of its enameled surface . The reverse presents the maker's stamp "50". Deutschland Erwacht flag is sold separately. $17500 . More Photos

Elegant NSDAP wall or podium banner

1512F1 - Elegant NSDAP wall or podium banner . This banner features a gold tresse multi-piece constructed swastika. The banner has a sleeve along the top side in which a pole would be passed in order to display the banner. The high quality cotton banner has gold bullion fringe along the bottom border. The flag measures 38 x 46 inches. It is free of tears, rips and stains. $850. More Photos

Kriegsmarine Water Sport flag

1511F4 - Kriegsmarine Water Sport flag. This flag was flown by Kriegsmaine owned yachts and sailing ships. The flag features the standard National flag superimposed over an anchor. This printed flag measures 16.0 x 24.0 inches. $575. More Photos

Very rare DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHT Standard flag with crosspole and tassels

1510SO6 - Very rare DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHT Standarte flag with crosspole and tassels. This outstanding near mint example would be almost impossible to upgrade. The bright red silk is in the same condition as it was when it was carried at NSDAP rallies and parades in the 1930's. This set is one of the most famous icons of the Third Reich - the DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHT Standarte. On the obverse side of the silk flag, is a white central disc with a silver tresse border. A static swastika is centered in the disc. Above the white disc is hand embroidered in silver the word " DEUTSCHLAND ". Below the disc is the hand embroidered in silver word "ERWACHT". The reverse side of the flag again features a centrally positioned white disc with swastika. above this disc are the abbreviated words " NAT.SOZ. DEUTSCHE ARBEITERPARTEI ". And below the disc the word " STURMABTEILUNG". Both the SA and SS carried identical standards. Along the bottom and sides of the flag and is alternating a red, black and white twisted yarn fringe border. Along the top of the flag is sewn a sleeve for passing the crosspole through for suspending the flag. Centered on this sleeve is a red patch of leather to protect the flag from wear caused by the upright pole used for carrying the flag. This DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHT standard comes with a brown wooden crosspole. Crosspoles came in two color variations. Brown wood was used for the SA standards and stained in black wood and polished was used for the rarer SS standards. Accompanying the flag and crosspole is the very rare set of tassels ( quasten ). These tassels are composed of alternating cords of red, white and black yarn ending in the tassel balls. $49,500. More Photos

Very rare SS Sturmfahne III/100

1510SO7 - Very rare SS Sturmfahne III/100 . This exact Sturmfahne appears in Ulric of England's excellent reference book, " Meine Ehre Heisst Treue Inside the Allgemeine SS 1925-1945", Published by ANDREA PRESS, Spain, All rights reserved, 2012. Page 380. Sturmfahne III/100 was the standarte of SS-Fuss Standarte 100 ( 100th SS Infantry Regiment) that was stationed in Oberabschnitt Elbe, SS-Abschnitt XXXVII, Reichenberg. This rare flag measures 120 x 140 cm and features the SS unit's designation on a separately sewn rectangular black field in the upper left-hand corner. The chain-stitched roman numeral designates the battalion while the arabic number the regiment. This rectangular field is bordered with aluminum twistcord piping. Sturmfahne standartes were first displayed in 1933 and were employed until September 1940. The flag displays a multi-piece constructed canted swastika on a central white disc. The flag is bordered on three sides with second pattern fringe that features alternating silver and black threads. The hoist side shows seven attachment rings all being RZM marked on the inside. The Sturmfahne was generally carried by a senior NCO who wore the SS gorget and white gloves. It was an honor to be selected to be the SS standarte bearer. Accompanying the Sturmfahne is the spear shaped poletop. The spear point poletop is properly marked RZM 60.$7250. More Photos

SS Podium flag

1510F1 - SS Podium flag. This one-sided black cotton flag was displayed during SS ceremonies and reviews. The SS runics are machine sewn. The flag measures 30 x 45 inches. $2250. More Photos

Matching set of three car pennants

1510F2 - Matching set of three car pennants. This set would be displayed on the fenders of an SS automobile. Each pennant measures 8.0 inches on the hoist side of the triangular pennant. The prominent pennant is the SS having the white runics on a black field. Included is a standard swastika pepnant and a pennant displaying the national colors. Each pennant is affixed to a metal pole with four rivets. $4,500. More Photos

Celluloid cased SS car pennant with SS finial and car pole

1510F3 - Celluloid cased SS car pennant with SS finial and car pole. This car pennant features silver stenciled encircled SS runics on a black field. The pennant is bordered with alternating black and silver thread. The SS finial is stamped with a arabic numeral "5". $2950. More Photos

Fender pole with finial for car pennant featuring short winged NSDAP eagle

1510F4 - Fender pole with finial for car pennant featuring short winged NSDAP eagle. This car pole with m29 style party eagle finial displays RZM stamps on the finial's ring and on the pole. $650. More Photos

Rare early NSKK pennant

155SF3 - Rare early NSKK pennant. This smaller size early two-sided triangular pennant features the stylized NSKK eagle. Size 15.5 x 8.5 inches. $275. More Photos

Rare Hitlerjugend Reichsjugenfuhrung district headquarters flag

1410F1 - Rare Hitlerjugend Reichsjugenfuhrung district headquarters flag. this rare flag features multi-piece construction. This large flag measures 22' x 4.5 ' and is in excellent condition. At one end of the flag is the embroidered unit designation " RJF 1429". $1599. More Photos

Reichsarbeitdienst ( RAD ) pennant

149F1 - Reichsarbeitdienst ( RAD ) pennant. This RAD pennant would have been displayed at RAD camp events or at RAD lagers ( labor force camps). The bright red cotton triangular pennant measures approximately 45.0 x 88.5 inches. There are several miniscule moth nips over the The printed pennant retains excellent color. More Photos

Very rare 1931 dated Sturmabteilung ( SA ) Honor Sturmbannfahne

143SO2 - Very rare 1931 dated Sturmabteilung ( SA ) Honor Sturmbannfahne. This very rare SA flag features a gold twistcord border along the four sides of the canton that displays the SA unit designation. The honor flag also has chain-stitched along one of the bottom edges, 'SA Sturm K. Ehrenfeld 1931. The SA sturmbannfahne was carried and displayed at NSDAP rallies and SA events. The flag measures 41 x 55 inches in length. The white central disc is separately machine sewn as is the black swastika. One of the seven attachment rings has gone missing with time. The flag shows normal light soiling and age. $4250. More Photos

Reichskriegsflagge w/waffenamt eagle over M.

1312F2 - Reichskriegsflagge w/waffenamt eagle over M. This war flag has distinctive markings stamped along the hoist side. The waffenampt eagle over M indicates use by the Kriegsmarine. The flag measures 37 x 66 $600. More Photos

Reichs Arbeit Dienst ( RAD ) female car pennant with Bezirk ( unit) # 106

135F4 - Rare Reichs Arbeit Dienst ( RAD ) female car pennant with Bezirk ( unit) # 106. As the war progressed women took over much of the manual work formerly performed by men. RAD leaders were authorized to display identifying pennants on their vehicles. This rare two-sided pennant is constructed of earth brown wool with a RAD style swastika in the upper hoist quadrant. A swastika appears over the familiar wreath on a white circular field. The unit number 106 is machine stitches beside the circular insigne. All insignia and numerals are separately applied. Rare. $999. More Photos

Rare Kriegsflagge National War Flag made in Holland by N.V.P.F. v.VLISSINOLN & CO

134F1 - Rare Kriegsflagge National War Flag made in Holland by N.V.P.F. v.VLISSINOLN & CO. This Dutch made flag measures 80X135 ( 30x50 inches). Well marked by the maker. Excellent condition. Rare. $750. More Photos

Rare SA Reiter 1935 pattern eagle for finial

134SO3 - Very Rare SA Reiter Standarte 1935 pattern eagle. This very rare eagle features excellent definition in its body, feathers and head. The eagle displays earlier restoration and could be restored to its original condition with the addition of a complete pole bracket/mounting assembly if it were taken it to a machine shop at a cost of about $1500. At one time the eagle's gilt was refinished by a previous owner ( or the Germans themselves) who wanted to preserve this rare piece. With complete restoration this rare eagle would increase significantly to a value above $15,000. This Reiter Standarte eagle has no cracks or repairs to the bronze. The eagle standarte finials were made exclusively by the Otto Gahr firm in Munich. Otto Gahr was also responsible for the manufacture of a number of rare items during the Third Reich including the Totenkopfring.$6750. More Photos

Kriegsmarine fender pennant

132F9 - Kriegsmarine fender pennant. $400. More Photos

SA Battalion Flag

133F1 - SA Battalion Flag. Triangular, 30" (including pole sleeve) x 18-3/4", cotton fabric. double-sided, multi-layered construction; two red isosceles triangles sewn laterally together to form background and 2-3/8" border, and printed white triangle superimposed on each side; 2" white fabric pole sleeve; all machine; design printed on both white triangles as follows, "large gray eagle (head facing pole) and wreath w/black swastika" and unit designation "I /J. 8" outlined in dark green (to the right of the wreath on the obverse, and to the left on the reverse). Very sound, shows use, $300.00. More Photos

NSDAP  2 sided vehicle flag

132F1 - NSDAP 2 sided vehicle flag. Multi-piece construction wool (9"x15 1/2") with embroidered swastika. $550. More Photos

German Yachting Club pennant

1212F3 - German Yachting Club pennant. This pennant displays the Weimar eagle with a nautical anchor and state colors. There is a Third Reich stamp corner of the hoist side. Also printed are the words "Gau SW". $325. More Photos

Kriegsflagge  National War Flag

1211F4 - Kriegsflagge National War Flag measures (30X50) marking of KI.FL. (80X135) Price $650. More Photos

National Socialists Reichskreigerbund funeral sash for a war veteran

1211F2 - National Socialists Reichskreigerbund funeral sash for a war veteran. Features the veterans association insignia silk screened on white field. This red silk sash measure 26.0 inches with the bullion trim. $75. More Photos

Luftwaffe Legion Condor veteran souvenir flag

1211F1 - Luftwaffe Legion Condor veteran souvenir flag. This multi-piece constructed flag features the Luftwaffe veteran of the 5TH Flak Regiment unit designation along with an embroidered Flak 36 ( 88 mm ) anti-aircraft canon. Below the Unit designation are six hand embroidered flags of the countries that fought in Spain with Germany. Rare. $600. More Photos

NSDAP Ortsgruppe Rohen Standarte

1210F4 - NSDAP " Ortsgruppe Rohen" Standarte. This rare NSDAP Standarte features the title "Ortsgruppe Rohen " in the canton is bordered with alternating black and white twistcord thread. The swastika on the white field is separately machine sewn, which in turn, is separately machine sewn to the red field. The standarte measures 46.0 x 51.0 inches. It is bordered with silver bullion thread. The flag displays minor age and wear having minor separations and stains from use. Iwould rate this flag a being in overall excellent condition. Rare. $,2000. More Photos

SS double-sided car pennant

1210F1 - SS double-sided car pennant. This black cotton pennant features printed SS runics in three concentric circles on a separate machine sewn disc. The pennant is bordered with alternating black and white cotton thread. The hoist side retains the attachment rope and clip. The pennant measures 15.25 x 15.25 x 9.5 inches. I would rate this pennant as being in un-issed condition. Rare. $2,000. More Photos

Large civil pennant ( wimple ) for a career school in Schwaben

1209F2 - Large civil pennant ( wimple ) for a career school in Schwaben. Two sided. $125. More Photos

Reichsarbeitsdienst  ( RAD ) pennant

1209F1 - Reichsarbeitsdienst ( RAD ) pennant. This large printed triangular pennant measures approximated 44 x 82 inches. The RAD swastika over wreath symbol is printed on a circular white field. The unmarked pennant is in overall excellent condition having two very minor moth nips. Rare. $600. More Photos

Nationalsozialistische Kriegsoferverorgung ( NSKOV ) War Wounded Veterans Association Standarte

1207SO2 - Very rare Nationalsozialistische Kriegsoferverorgung ( NSKOV ) War Wounded Veterans Association Standarte. This standarte measures 44x49 inches. The central design features the Iron Cross with crossed swords and swastika encircled with an oak leaf wreath. The graphics are printed on both sides. The NSKOV veterans association was formed to provide assistance to Germany's war wounded. The standarte displays excellent colors having no fading. There is very minor mothing but this does not detract from the attractiveness and rarity of this flag. The hoist side retains all its steel rings. The silver fringe border is fully intact. Very rare. $3500. More Photos

Reichs Arbeit Dienst ( RAD ) car pennant with Bezirk ( unit ) # 184

1202F2 - Rare Reichs Arbeit Dienst ( RAD ) car pennant with Bezirk ( unit ) # 184. This rare two-sided pennant is constructed of earth brown wool with a RAD style swastika in the upper hoist quadrant. A swastika appears over the familiar wreath on a white circular field. The unit number 106 is machine stitches beside the circular insigne. Rare. $1850. More Photos

Rare Madelschaft/Jungmadelschaftwimple

1201F1 - Rare Madelschaft/Jungmadelschaftwimple ( BDM ). This wimple ( triangular organization/unit flag ) features a large multi-piece constructed HJ diamond and unit designation " III/71" on the obverse. With the two-piece constructed unit symbols on the reverse side. The heavy black cotton is free of mothing and stains. There are two of the three attachment clips This triangular wimple measures approximately 29.5 x 16 inches. $650. More Photos

Early NSDAP poletop

1112F2 - Early NSDAP poletop. This early poletop is in the form of a M29 NSDAP eagle as seen displayed on visor and overseas caps. The eagle was subsequently redesigned and replaced with the 1936 style eagle. The poletop precedes the Reichszeugministrei and has no markings or RZM code. The poletop displays a modest loss of the silver finish on the eagle and black swastika. Rare. $625. More Photos

Early NSDAP poletop

1112F1 - Early NSDAP poletop. This early poletop is in the form of a M29 NSDAP eagle as seen displayed on visor and overseas caps. The eagle was subsequently redesigned and replaced with the 1936 style eagle. The poletop precedes the Reichszeugministrei and has no markings or RZM code. Rare. $700. More Photos

Deutchej Jungvolk unit flag for Oranien

115F1 - Deutchej Jungvolk unit flag for Oranien. The Deutche Jungvolk was a sub-group of the Hitler Jugend for boys ages 10 -14 years of age. This flag was displayed at Deutche Jungvolk events and parades. This rare flag measures 54.5 x 43 inches. The multi-piece constructed cotton flag displays period wear with some light staining and soiling. The front of the flag displays the single sigrune of the German Youth groups superimposed over a sword. The flag's reverse features the sigrune superimposed over a multi-piece constructed swastika. In the upper corner is the unit's district "Oranien". There is a minor separation in the material in the central motif of the DJ diamond. This does not detract from the overall display of the flag. The flag retains excellent color and displays well. There is a period repair to one of the tabs used for affixing the flag to a pole. Very rare. $2350. More Photos

German Hunting Associate ( Deutsche Jagerschaft ) banner

114F5 - German Hunting Associate ( Deutsche Jagerschaft ) banner. This large, two-sided cotton banner displays the associations emblem of a stag skull with the letters "D" and "J" beneath the swastika. The banner was used for display at Deutsche Jagerschaft meetings and events. The DJ central theme is professionally separately machine sewn. The banner is free of tears. The banner has a channel that runs along the top allowing for a pole to be passed through. The banner measures 114 x 45 inches. Excellent condition. Rare. $1500. More Photos


114F1 - Reichskriegsfahne. The flag is in excellent condition without having any serious mothing or stains. The rope lanyard is intact. The size is marked along the hoist border 100 x 170 ( approximately 66 inches x 36 inches). LOH. KR - FL. Is also indicated along the border. $675. More Photos


114F2 - Reichskriegsfahne. This wool flag is perfect for display. The flag is in excellent condition without having any mothing or stains. The size is marked along the hoist border 100 x 170 ( approximately 66 inches x 36 inches) along with the maker's stamp, "Lorenz Summa Sohne, Oberkotzau".. KR - FL. Is also indicated along the border. $675. More Photos

NSKK rally pennant

114F3 - NSKK rally pennant. This large size triangular pennant measures approximately 145.5 inches x 54. The wool pennant features a printed NSKK eagle beneath the letters" NSKK". The pennant is complete but displays wear from period use along with very minor mothing and stains. None of which detracts from the overall display. $600. More Photos

War Veterans Association Funeral Sash

109F1 - War Veterans Association Funeral Sash. This bright red funeral sash is made of paper with the appearance of silk. The imprinted lettering and Iron Cross is silver foil. The dedication reads, "To Our Fallen Kamerad" and "War Veterans Association". The borders of each end are machine sewn and made of black plastic. The Veterans Association disc is machine sewn separately. There are no tears or stains. Mint condition. $595. More Photos

NSDAP Funeral Sash for Ortsgruppe and named Letzer Gruss

108F5 - NSDAP Funeral Sash for Ortsgruppe and named Letzer Gruss. Used by the NSDAP for display on funeral wreaths, this bright red silk sash measures 72 x 7 inches. The measurement does not include approximately 2 inches of white silk border This silk sash displays the name Letzter Gruss above a swastika disc on one end and NSDAP Ortsgruppe and a M29 style party eagle on a disc on the opposite end. On the reverse is stamped the maker's name and telephone number. Rare. $500. More Photos

Veteran's parade sash

108F6 - Veteran's parade sash. This ribbed silk sash worn by veterans was worn over the shoulder for parades and other ceremonial occasions. The heavy, ribbed black, red and white silk sash shows light age soiling from use. There are two pins attached. One with a profile of Adolf Hitler and the other I cannot identify. The sash is gathered towards the bottom by a cross ribbon. At the ends of the sash are gold bullion tassels. $350. More Photos

NSDAP bow for funerary wreath

108F7 - NSDAP bow for funerary wreath. This cotton bow was affixed to funeral wreaths. The two hanging end of the bow display the national colors on one end and the red swastika disc on the other. At the end of each length is a silver bullion border. $350. More Photos

Swastika finial for car pennant

107F6 - Swastika finial for car pennant. This swastika finial measures 2.75 inches across the arms. The finial retains its excellent silver finish. The attachment screws are still present. $450. More Photos

094so2-1small.jpg (36140 bytes)

094SO2 - SS Regiment "Deutschland" trumpet banner. This stunning trumpet banner features a black field of polished black cotton with separately applied, hand embroidered silver lame` SS Totenkopf over the regiment's name "Deutschland". The reverse features a hand embroidered silver lame` early style state eagle. Both the Totenkopf and the early style eagle are accented with varying shades of hand embroidered silver and black thread. The trumpet banner measures approximately 16 x 16 inches for the black field with another 1 inch of silver aluminum wrapped thread bordering each side. Both clips for attachment to the trumpet are present. Price on Request. More Photos

0810f2-1small.jpg (36140 bytes)

0810f2 - Waffen SS General's car flag and post. Authorized for display by Waffen SS generals on June 15, 1944 this rare flag identified the occupant's vehicle as a high ranking commander in the Waffen SS. This car flag is pictured and described at length in The Military Advisor: Spring 2004, Vol. 15 Number 2 on pages 27-28. This flag is printed on an off-white, bone colored background with black borders. At diagonals are black rectangular fields with the black SS runics in the upper left quadrant.The flag comes machine stitched to the post used for attachment (wimpelstangen). It is supported and given its shape by an internal metal frame. The post is painted olive/field gray green. Only 10 - 15 high ranking Waffen SS commanders were authorized to display this flag. Display of all car flags and pennants was discontinued in late 1944. $4250. More Photos

087f2-1small.jpg (36140 bytes)

087f2 - SS car pennant. This stenciled all metal pennant features RZM and maker code stamped attachment hinges. The lower hinge is marked RZM M3/61 indicating Max Knobloch GmBH in Dobeln as the maker. The enameled surface shows normal light use and areas of minor oxidation. This rare Schutzstaffel car pennant is rare! $3700. More Photos

084f4-1small.jpg (36140 bytes)

084f4 - National flag made in Japan for the foreign exchange or visitation of German delegates. This very rare flag was made in Japan to be displayed by German nationals stationed in Japan or for display when German delegates were visiting. The years 1937 - 1938 marked a period of cultural exchange for the two future allies. This wool flag is marked, "MARUSAN & CO. Tel. No. 2-2464 Makers of Flags etc. Decorations of all Descriptions Near The NishnobashiYamashita-sho Yokohama". It's very interesting to note this stamp is printed in English. This flag is a very desirable piece of German and Japanese exchange history. This multi-piece constructed flag measures approximately 15 ½" x 22". Very rare. $450. More Photos

079f4-1small.jpg (36140 bytes)

079f4 - Allegmeine SS car flag for Abschnitt (sub-district) XIII. SS car flags and pennants are rare. This example features a two-sided, silk screened, stylized SS eagle and Roman numeral XIII indicating the sub-district. The flag is approximately 14"x8 ½". It is machine sewn over an aluminum plate base. Abschitt XIII was the Alsace-Loraine area. It is encased in plastic for its protection. It is in mint condition. $4,000. More Photos

079f6-1small.jpg (36140 bytes)

079f6 - Standart for SA Regt 327. This beautiful Standart features a silk screened gray eagle over 327 on a machine stitched white base on a red field. There is an RZM tag factory sewn along the white edge where the standart would affix to the pole. The flag measures approximately 17 ½"x 20". It is in mint condition and rare. $1750. More Photos

069f2-1small.jpg (36140 bytes)

069f2 - Luftwaffe "Table" flag . This flag features a wreathed Iron Cross in "Standart" form on one side and the Luftwaffe stylized eagle in "standart" form on the other. This printed mini measures about 5 1/2 x 5 1/2. It is attached to a small pole that measures about 14 inches. There is no pole top. Rare and displays well. $225. More Photos