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German Special Offerings

Extremely rare Konzentrationslager ( Concentration Camp ) blanket

173O2 - Extremely rare Konzentrationslager ( Concentration Camp ) blanket - This light brown, rough wool blank was used by inmates at concentration camps. The blanket features a crudely chain-stitched Star of David with a loose zig-zag stitched border. The blanket appears to have not been issued. It is free of rips with light storage and age stains. The blanket measures 56.5x 82.0 inches. $2,000. More Photos

Imperial Prussian Garde du Corps Regimental officer pickelhaube

173O1 - Imperial Prussian Garde du Corps Regimental officer pickelhaube. This exemplary pickelhaube features the Prussian eagle with enameled central crest wappenshield. The enameled crest presents the Prussian motto " SUUM QUIQUE " which is classical Latin for "May All Get Their Due". The silvered sunburst star is positioned over the breast of the highly detailed brass Prussian eagle. The officer's brass chinscales are secured by two rosettes with The one side representing the German national colors and the other the Prussian state colors. The brass base plate that attaches the fluted spike displays four stars further representing officer rank. The leather front and back visors are in excellent condition displaying light age. The front visor is trimmed with brass. The spine matches the rest of the helmet in its patination. The interior displays the standard officer's width leather sweatband and silk clamshell liner. Beneath the liner the attaching hardware for the spike's base plate is clearly evident displaying the hardware's age. This helmet has never been repaired or apart. $5250. More Photos

Army Motorized Artillery swallowtail standard

- Collectors Connection - Rare Army Motorized Artillery swallowtail standard. Direct from the veteran's family Oakleaf Militaria is proud to offer this mint condition red silk swallowtail. The flag features red silk field with a complex stitched hand-embroidered staff-facing oak leaves wreathed Wehrmacht eagle centered in an iron cross. This stunning example is free of mothing, staining and any deterioration in the silk. Stamped in one corner is the Arabic number 67 that would indicate the person who inspected the flag. $17,500. More Photos

Luftwaffe Combined Pilot Observer badge by GWL

1612SO2 - Luftwaffe Combined Pilot Observer badge by GWL, cased. Near Mint. $6500. More Photos

Early 50 mm ribbon for the Ritterkreuz

1612SO3 - Early 50 mm ribbon for the Ritterkreuz. 28.0 inches. Mint. $2500. More Photos

Mint, un-issued 1936 dated Army panzer beret ( schutzmutze) by Wilhem Wethekam, Dresden

1611SO11 - Mint, un-issued 1936 dated Army panzer beret ( schutzmutze) by Wilhem Wethekam, Dresden. This panzer features factory handsewn white machine woven eagle and wreathed national kokarde. The high quality black wool is free of mothing. The padded crash helmet retains it's six hard rubber air ventilation grommets. The oilcloth lining is in its original condtion. The brown leather sweatband is supple. The underside of the sweatband is stamped with the Wilhelm Wethekam stamp and Dresden. The size is 57. $6999. More Photos

Rare SS keepsake box

1612SO1 - Rare SS keepsake box. This box features the likeness of a SS belt buckle. The box measures approximately 11.0 x 7. x 2.5 inches. The exterior wood is in excellent condItion having carved decorative borders. The SS insigne is embossed into the wood. $1500. More Photos

Near unobtainable Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler 1st pattern personal Command Flag

OPS6 - The Oakleaf Private Sale - Near unobtainable Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler 1st pattern personal Command Flag. On August 17, 1933 Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler announced the regulations by which SS officials would display car pennants and command flags. These flags were initially of the same design as the SA command flags and pennants except for the use of black triangular fields replacing the red fields of the SA. The " RFSS Kommandoflagge " features a central silver appliqué national eagle with accent threads showing excellent detail. The high-relief double sided flag measures 36.0 x 34.0 inches. A sleeve extends along one vertical side through which a staff would pass through for display.The flag was displayed near Heinrich Himmler for Schutzstaffel formal and public occasions. Contact Oakleaf for further information.  More Photos

Published very rare Army General crusher Old Style hat by Leparo

1611SO10 - Published very rare Army General crusher "Old Style hat by Leparo ( Leonhard Paulig ). This exact same general's crusher is pictured in author Gary Wilkins book, " THE COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO CLOTH THIRD REICH MILITARY HEADGEAR", published by Shiffer , Altgen, PA. Military History. Copyright 2002, p. 119 ( interior view) with the Foreward provided by Bill Shea. This hat features gold bullion thread crown and capband piping. The silver flatwire eagle and wreathed kokarde identify the cap as being manufactured prior to 1943 when general ranks cap presented gold colored insignia. The hat's upper body is constructed of fine Tricot ribbed wool. The capband is standard green felt wool. The leather visor exhibits normal age crazing. The interior displays a celluloid sweatshield diamond identifying Leparo as the maker. The sweatband's leather complete. The cap is lined with gray rayon and displays minor age and wear. $10,999. More Photos

Near unobtainable mint should board set of Reichsarbeitsfuhrer Konstantine Hierl

1611SO12 - Near unobtainable mint should board set of Reichsarbeitsfuhrer Konstantine Hierl. This stunning set features highly a defined Reichsarbeitsdienst ensignia beneath a NSDAP state eagle on each of the boards. These cyphers are affixed to interlaced cello cords of gold and silver with black highlights. The underlayment material of the boards is black velvet further indicating the highest quality of construction made exclusively for the leader of the German Labor Corps. The two shoulder boards are attached by a cord of silver thread with an attached manufacturer's seal that reads "Reichs Arbeit Dienst". A paper manufacturer's tag accompanies the set that is dated May 1937. More Photos

Mint Luftwaffe general's breast eagle in cello

1611SO14 - Mint Luftwaffe general's breast eagle in cello. Excellent detail as one would expect in a Luftwaffe general's eagle. Paper backed. $$695. More Photos

Very rare, mint set of Polizei Brigadefuhrer ( General rank) collar tabs

1611SO15 - Very rare, mint set of Polizei Brigadefuhrer ( General rank) collar tabs. Hand embroidered and produced in gold bullion on green wool backing. Each tab is bordered with matching gold bulllion twistcord thread. The reverse presents standard backrum material. The stitching that applies the border to the tab details the quality of the construction. $2650. More Photos

Army general's card pennant

1611SO18 - Army general's card pennant. This excellent example fewatures a cello gold Army eagle hand embroidered on a field gray wool background. The triangular pennant is bordered on its three sides with gold cello tresse with a series of repeating Wehrmacht eagles. Rare and excellent for framing for display. $2999. More Photos

Rare Red Cross (Rote Kreutz) standard bearers Gorget

1610SO5 - Rare Red Cross (Rote Kreutz) standard bearers Gorget. This nNear mint gorget was worn by German Red Cross standard bearers for parades and other official events. The gorget retains much of its original silver frosted finish on its central ensignia. The unmarked reverse is in its "as-found" condtion retaining remnants of its buff colored felt material backing. $7500. More Photos

Rare SS Streifendienst gorget

1610SO6 - Rare SS Streifendienst gorget. This rare gorget was first worn in 1936 by Allgemeine SS personnel charged with keeping order during parades and other events that required crowd control. The Streifendienst gorget was also worn when assigned to patrol streets to ensure that other SS personnel conducted themselves in a manner in keeping with SS regulations. A special Ausweis was carried by personnel authorized to wear the disc. The disc is appropriately marked with the SS runics, RZM and RZM maker's code 140 on the reverse center attachment. Original and mint. $7750. More Photos

Allgemeine SS officer Dienstmutze

1610SO7 - Allgemeine SS officer Dienstmutze. This hat features nicely silver frosted Allgemeine totenkopf and adler insignia. The white crown and capband piping displays minor areas of mothing but nothing that breaks the continuity of the white wool bands. The black wool is completely free of mothing and stains. The rich black velvet capband is free of mothing. The cellulon chincord is attached to the capband with two pebbled aluminum buttons. The interior is lined with golden/yellow artificial silk. The leather sweatband is stamped " Deutsche Leder" The unmarked celluloid sweat diamond is nearly fully intact. This hat would have been offered for sale as a private purchase outside the Officer Kleiderklasse system that would have offered RZM marked hats. $8999. More Photos

Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager jump smock

1610SO8 - Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager jump smock . This heavy drill cotton smock was combat worn. The splinter pattern smock features PRYM snaps . All leather pull tabs are intact. The sleeves reveal their rayon wind cuffs. The brown and green pattern shows mild period wear complete with field repairs. The four button front retains its original glass buttons. This Fallschirmschutzen-Bluse was reported as taken from a German prisoner in June 1944 Nnormandy France. The smock displays a correct factory machine sewn camouflage embroidered breast eagle. On each side of the upper chest area is a zipper closed slant pocket with matching RiRi metal zippers with leather pull tabs. The front is closed by five matching Luftwaffe blue glass buttons. A series of PRYM snaps are positioned along the bottom edge of the smock that close around each of the Fallschirmjager's upper legs. At the end of each cuff are PRYM snaps for size adjustment. Inside each sleeve is a rayon wind cuff also with PRYM snaps. On each side of the lower waist is a single large flap pocket closed with a metal RAPID zipper with leather pull tabs. The unlined interior is unmarked as the stamps have worn with wear and time. More Photos

Rare mint SS Totenkopfring ( Honor Ring) of SS officer Stange dated 21.6.43

- Rare mint SS Totenkopfring ( Honor Ring) of SS officer Stange dated 21.6.43. This mint ring displays 100% detail in its runes panels. The skull is so complete the teeth can be counted. The interior presents the expected seam behind the skull that joins the two ends of the silver band. The seam is sometimes not visible due to the presence of the applied silver solder. The runics panels are fully complete including the background stippling and burnish. The inscription is clearly visible with the Slb. Stange, 21.6.43 date and H. Himmler facsimile signature. The ring presents all the characteristics, including die flaws, of a 1940's style SS Totenkopfring.. This outstanding example of the SS Totenkopfring comes with a Don Boyle Certificate of Authenticity. $15,999. More Photos

Very rare DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE  Reiter Standartenspitze ( standard finial ) for SS-Reiter

1610SO2 - Very rare "DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE " Reiter Standartenspitze ( standard finial ) for SS-Reiter, NSKK Motorstandarte and NSFK standards. This gilt eagle with wreathed swastika standard is differentiated from the SA Reiter standard by its gilt finish. The Sturmabteilung finial was silver. Made by the Otto Gahr firm in Munich this standard is dated 1935. Carried in parade formations either by horseback or motorized units, this early finial is very rare. The reverse side of the collar that fitted over the pole is marked GAHR MÜNCHEN 1935 beneath the base of the wreath. The pole base of the finial is hollow in order that it would be affixed to the carrying pole. Near the bottom of the base is a horizontal pole that extended along the top of the cloth standarte flag to give its shape. This is another characteristic of the SS, NSKK, NSFK Reiter standarte as opposed to the SA one. $31500. More Photos

rare document and awards grouping of Waffen SS Standartenfuhrer Walther Staudinger

1610SO1 - Oakleaf Militaria is proud to offer this very rare document and awards grouping of Waffen SS Standartenfuhrer Walther Staudinger. Walther Staudinger served in the Imperial German Army during the First World War rising to the rank of Leutnant on 31.08.1918. During his service he was awarded the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Classes. Following the 1918 armistice he participated in veteran organizations and served as an officer in the Barvarian Schutzpolizei. He joined the NSDAP in 1921 and then again in 1933 after the NSDAP was banned following the 1923 Putsch. His party membership number was 3,201,960. Staudinger joined the Schutzstaffel on January 9, 1934 and given SS # 242,652. Walther Staudinger rose quickly in the ranks of the SS being promoted to Sturmbannfuhrer in 1934 and Obersturmbannfuhrer in 1937. In 1939 Staudinger was promoted to Hauptsturmfuhrer d. Reserve following the formation of the SS Verfugungstruppe. Staudinger served with Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler throughout the war where he commanded the SS-Artillerie-Regiment / SS-Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler during which time he was awarded the German Cross in Gold on 18.06.1942. His NSDAP awards included "Bluten Orden der NSDAP". His SS awards included the Totenkopfring ( Honor Ring) and the Ehrendegen ( SS Honor Sword). Walther Staudinger was one of two German officers to be awarded "The Order of the Star of Romania with Swords on the Ribbon of Military Virtue ( Royal Decree # 1870)" on 24.06.1942. The other German officer awarded this decoration was Fritz Witt of Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler who later became first commander of the 12TH SS Panzergrenadier Division "Hitlerjugend". Walther Staudinger survived the war and lived until July 31, 1964 when he succumbed to heart failure. This rare grouping was recently acquired by a collector from a local coin shop in the southeastern United States where an area resident brought it in following an estate sale and the grouping was recovered from the trash after not being sold! The grouping consists of Staudinger's various Bavarian Polizei and SS military awards and promotion documents with original signatures of Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler, Generalfeldmarshal Wilhelm Keitel and Oberstgruppenfuhrer Sepp Dietrich among others. Also included is a rare postcard personally signed by Himmler. Important articles that accompany the document s is the cloth German Cross in Gold removed from his uniform and the Order of the Star of Romania with Swords. Included is his 1939 Iron Cross 1st Class, KRIM Shield (2) one removed from his uniform, Eastern Front medal, RADwJ Commemorative Service brooch, DRK Senior Helper Service award. Very rare to offer such a complete document set of a known Leibstandarte general. Asking $12,500. More Photos

Extremely rare cased six rivet German Cross in Gold by Deschler

169SO10 - Extremely rare cased six rivet German Cross in Gold by Deschler. Mint example features beautifully constructed multi-component award instituted to bridge the gap between the Knights Cross and Iron Cross 1st Class awards. Cannot be upgraded. $6250. More Photos

Very rare earliest production SS M36 chained officers dolch with early nickel silver hilt and chain fittings

- Very rare earliest production SS M36 chained officers dolch with early nickel silver hilt and chain fittings. This dagger features the earliest style M36 chain with the skull having a distinct septum. According to Ralf Siegert author of " The Service Daggers of the SS " published by B& D Publishing, LLC, Copyright 2014, pages 290-295, this is the first production type chain having the nasal septum. Later production did not have this feature including all nickel silver types. The nickel silver grip eagle, upper and lower crossguard fitting and scabbard fittings. The black wood grip is in overall excellent condition. The enamel SS runics button displays the slender style runes and is positioned at a tilted one o'clock position. The grip eagle presents excellent detail with virtually no wear. The blade has been cleaned but this was properly done as there is no evidence of rust or pitting. The SS motto, " Meine Ehre Heisst Treue " ( My Honor is Loyalty ) is deeply etched. As this is a factory made M36, the blade has no maker mark as it should. The full length blade displays areas of age darkening and shows no sign of re-tipping or sharpening. The M36 suspension chain features nicely burnished connecting links with the alternating SS totenkopf and SS runics showing excellent detail. All the connections are intact and show no signs of repair. The reverse of the second link is lightly hand- stamped with the SS acceptance proof as it should be as described author Siegert. The scabbard is painted indicating early construction as the early scabbards of M36 daggers were. This scabbard maintains its original black paint finish and is one of the finest I've ever seen. Suggested offering price $7500. More Photos

Rare named Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Konteradmiral Joachim Plath visor hat

167SO6 - Rare named Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Konteradmiral Joachim Plath visor hat. This outstanding visor hat features matching cello Kriegsmarine eagle and wreath. The kokarde is an early nickel silver type. Coastal Artillery admiral visor hats are distinguished from other Kriegsmarine officer visors by having gold insignia and chincords with a feldgrau wool body. The crown piping is dark green. The cello chincords are secured by two gold anchor buttons affixed to a dark green wool capband. The visor is polished black leather, a further distinguishing characteristic of this service branch as coastal artillery officer and admiral rank hats did not display the oak leaf design. The upper wool body is made of high quality doeskin wool. The exterior is 100% free of mothing and stains. The interior is half-lined with cornflower blue cotton along the circumference of the hat. The crown is lined with matching blue artificial silk. The rhomboid shaped moisture shield is fully intact with the name tag of "Konteradmiral Joachim Plath" indicated. The complete leather sweatband shows light period wear with a perforated front portion of the band. The leather sweatband is joined at the rear by a single stitch. Joachim Plath began his naval career as a Seekadet in 1913 prior to the outbreak of the First World War during which time he served on heavy cruisers and later as a watch officer and adjutant. In the following years he served on a minesweeper, the cruiser Leipzig and served on the Deutschland. During the Second World War Joachim Plath saw duty as a coastal artillery officer along the Baltic where he served in a staff position. $3999. More Photos

Kriegsmarine Admiral visor hat

167SO7 - Kriegsmarine Admiral visor hat. This outstanding example features all matching cello eagle, kokarde and visor's full oak leaf insignia. The high quality wool upper body is in mint condition having no mothing or stains. The patent leather chinstrap is the more rare style with eyelets and buckle. This exact style chinstrap is pictured by ObltzS (R) Wolfgang Heibges commander of U-999 in the authoritative book, " GERMAN U-BOAT COMMANDERS OF WORLD WAR II, A Biographical Dictionary ", by Rainer Busch and Hans-Joachim Roll. Published by The Naval Institute Press 1999. First published by Verlag E.S. Mittler & Sohn GmbH, Heford, Germany as "Die Deutschen U-Boot Kommandanten", 1996. See photo section . The interior is completely lined with cornflower blue artificial silk. The unmarked celluloid moisture shield is fully intact. The leather sweatband is complete having a couple minor separations. At the rear of the sweatband is stapled the original manufactures paper tag. Near mint. $9,000. More Photos

Army named double decal M35 helmet with Mediterranean tri-color camouflage finish

167SO3 - Army named double decal M35 helmet with Mediterranean tri-color camouflage finish. This stunning example features light brown/yellow with green brush strokes. The Heer adler and national escutcheon are evident under the camouflage. Wehrmacht personnel serving with the early Deutsches Afrikakorps were often issued M35 helmets before departure to Africa. As the DAK pulled out of Africa and moved into Italy their helmets reflected a change in color patterns. This helmet presents its original liner with the owner's name. The shell's apron is stamped SE60 with the production number 3514. $3500. More Photos

Complete Waffen SS Reichsfuhrer  tropical uniform

166SO1 - Complete Waffen SS " Reichsfuhrer " tropical uniform. The Waffen SS were issued the tropical uniform to be primarily worn in Italy, southern Russia. The Waffen SS Reichsfuhrer SS division was heavily engaged in the Italian campaign. This exceptional set includes the tunic, tropical breeches with cut tags, belt, sunhelmet, and boots. Starting from head to toe, the exceptionally rare sunhelmet displays the SS runics and national shields. The tan canvas outer shell is in near mint condition. The interior is lined with green cotton. The underside of the leather sweatband is unmarked. The four pleated pockets tunic features SS shoulder straps indicating the rank of hauptsharfuhrer or senior sergeant having two rank pips on each strap. The machine sewn un-bordered silver bullion wire SS runics are appropriate for the nco rank. On the left breast pocket are loops for the hauptsharfuhrer's decorations. The front is closed with five detachable buttons. On the left sleeve is a tropical machine woven eagle. Lower on the left sleeve is the Reichsfuhrer SS machine sewn cufftitle. The interior is unmarked. Included is a very rare SS tropical belt. The belt buckle is unmarked and the tan canvas strap is faintly marked Concluding this rare ensemble is a matched pair of high Waffen SS tropical boots. These boots display a combination of leather and heavy canvas materials. The high lace -up boots are SS marked along the interior dark leather trim. On the sole each boot is also marked with the size and SS acceptance stamp. $16,500. More Photos

Mint un-issued Luftwaffe 1st model Fliegerkappmesser  (Fallschirmjäger gravity knife ) with original factory shipping carton

167SO1 - Mint un-issued Luftwaffe 1st model Fliegerkappmesser (Fallschirmjäger gravity knife ) with original factory shipping carton. This exceptional offering features the near unobtainable shipping carton of proper construction with the original tissue wrapping paper. This article was a " walk-in" at the last Ohio Valley Military Show held in Wilmington, Ohio. This SMF manufactured gravity knife is perfect in its original condition. The blade is bright and free of rust, dings, pitting and dark spots. The wooden grip plates are, likewise, in pristine condition. The thumb release or locking lever is stamped with the subassembly number "769". The "marlin spike" is stamped with the Luftamt 5 ( Solingen) inspector number. The shipping carton presents color fading to its light blue exterior resulting from storage and time. The carton was assembled using the proper staples as described and shown in author Mack A. Pattarozzi's definitive work " Luftwaffe Gravity Knife, A History of the Flyer's & Paratrooper's Utility Knife". Published by Schiffer Military History, Altgen, PA. Copyright 2006, pg. 199-203. This Fliegerkappmesser is for the collector who must have the mint example. $1600. More Photos






Fallschirmjägergewehr FG42, model 1 by Showei Seisakusho, Inc. of Japan

- 165SO6 - Fallschirmjägergewehr FG42, model 1 by Showei Seisakusho, Inc. of Japan. In 1992-1993 the Shoei Seisakusho, Inc. of Kawaguchi, Japan introduced the finest replica ever of the FG42 model 1. The dimensions, weight and internal parts, 86 in number, matched the original gun in perfect detail. The number manufactured mirrored the original German production of just 2,000 FG42's model 1. There will be no re-issue!

Originally introduced in the U.S.A. for $1495, the FG42 model 1 by Shoei is very hard to find. Since the original FG42 model 1 sells for $250,000. plus at auction, the Shoei FG42 model 1 is universally sought after by serious German Fallschirmjäger collectors.

Included for $2395:

" FG42 model 1 #1295 with original Sshoei made magazine and leather sling

" Copy of the Shoei 8 page instruction manual

" Propaganda photo series vol. 8, FG42 The Netherlands

" A copy of a letter sent from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, stating that the Shoei FG42 model 1 has been examined by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and determined to be a non firing replica.

This rare example of a Shoei FG42 model 1 is offered for sale for $2350. More Photos

Rare and stunning Luftwaffe presentation bronze by German artist Schmidt-Hofer

- Collectors Connection-Rare and stunning Luftwaffe presentation bronze by German artist Schmidt-Hofer. The brass plate reads "To the Officers and officials of Luftflotten V. ( Air Fleet 5) Regiment 4, Reichenbach, 19.August 1940." Luftflotte V. was based in Denmark and Norway during the Battle of Britain. The Luftflotte was commanded by General Hans Stumpf whose command was responsible for carrying out bombing operations in Northern Britain and the North Sea during the period. This award is on a marble base that measures 5.5 x 4.0 inches. The total height is 15.5 inches. The width is 15.0 inches. The bronze eagle displays excellent detail and is signed by the artist on one of the botton arms of the swastika. The two marble bases are free of chips and cracks. The eagle and base are loose but this could be professionally tightened. Suggested offering price POR. More Photos

Very Rare SS Himmler 1934 Ehrendolch (presentation honor dagger) crafted exclusively by Carl Eickhorn

165SO5 - Very Rare SS Himmler 1934 Ehrendolch (presentation honor dagger) crafted exclusively by Carl Eickhorn. The M33 dagger is identical to the earlier presented Ernst Röhm presentation dagger made by the Carl Eickhorn firm. The SS Himmler presentation was awarded to the SS officers and men who participated in the overthrow of Ernst Röhm and the powerful Sturmabteilung brown shirts in the historic "Night of the Long Knives" that resulted in S.A. leader Ernst Röhm's execution after Röhm attempted to usurp Adolf Hitler's authority in the NSDAP on June 30, 1934. The recipients also included many honorary SS generals. Estimates of produced H. Himmler daggers run approximately 2500 according to Thomas Wittmann author of "Exploring The Dress Daggers and Swords of the German SS", published privately by the author. Copyright 2003, page 95.

The dagger features all matching early nickel silver fittings for the upper and lower crossguards and scabbard mounts. The underside of the lower crossguard is stamped with the benchmark number "4". Himmler presentation daggers display benchmark numbers ranging from 0-9. The black ebony grip displays minor chip along the bottom of the upper crossguard. This is commonly seen on these Himmler presentation pieces as the ebony wood is quite brittle. The SS runics button and nickel silver grip eagle display excellent detail. The nickel silver eagle is near pristine and is the high neck style eagle. There is a small amount of verdigris evident along the line where the wood grip meets the upper and lower crossguard fittings. This indicates, along with the un-turned tang nut, that the dagger has not been taken apart and is in its original state.

The blade is in near mint condition with minimal in-and-out wear. The blade also presents excellent crossgraining. The full length blade is perhaps the finest example available today. The obverse side of the blade presents the SS motto "Meine Ehre Heisst Treue" and the reverse of the blade shows the small oval early Carl Eickhorn squirrel with the non-serrated tail. The Reichsfuhrer SS H. Himmler presentation " In Herzicher Kameradschaft H. Himmler " ( In Heartfelt Comradeship H. Himmler ) displays excellent background burnishing. The blade displays no evidence of re-tipping, sharpening, cleaning or pitting.

The anodized scabbard mounts are affixed with four original un-turned screws. The black anodized scabbard is straight, free of dents and displays a high degree of its original lacquer finish. The scabbard lower mount's ball is without dents. Attached to the scabbard is the original black leather hanger. The leather is supple and in excellent condition. $17,500. More Photos

Rare and early period Type A

165SO2 - Rare and early period Type A "micro 800" Knights Cross ( Ritterkreutz ) of the Iron Cross by Steinhauer & Luck with ribbon. Oakleaf Militaria is proud to offer this 1940 - early 1941 period awarded Steinhauer & Luck micro 800 cross. The cross presents the proper characteristics of a Steinhauer & Luck Type A cross. The reverse upper arm beneath the bale displays a micro "800" silver content stamp. This magnetic cross weighs 30.8 grams with a suspension loop that is also "800" marked. Accompanying the cross is the more rare early style wide ribbon for the Ritterkreutz measuring 24.0 inches in length. The cross comes with a well-detailed " Expertise" ( Certificate of Authenticity) provided by Dietrich Maerz author of the highly informative reference book, " The Knights Cross of the Iron Cross " published by B & D Publishing, LLC, copyright 2007. The cross is in excellent awarded condition. $10,500. More Photos

Grosse-Urkunden document of the Knights Cross for Luftwaffe bomber pilot Oberleutnant Hans Sumpf

165SO1 - Grosse-Urkunden document of the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross for Luftwaffe bomber pilot Oberleutnant Hans Sumpf dated August 20, 1942 awarded posthumously. This document (sans mappe) was never presented to the family of Oblt. Hans Sumpf which would account for it not having its presentation red leather folio with embossed gold state eagle. The document is printed on the highest quality vellum parchment paper. Approximately 7,200 Knights Crosses (Ritterkreutz) with named documents were awarded. Many of the documents were never received by the recipients as the logistics of sending them to the recipients was complicated combat the conditions at the "front". All Grosse-Urkunden for the Ritterkreutz were produced at the studio of Frieda Thiersch in india and black ink. The name Hans Sumpf is embossed in raised gold letters. The folded document measures 13.5 x 17.0 inches. A facsimile signature of Adolf Hitler is on the document. By 1942 Adolf Hitler rarely signed official military award documents. Oberleutnant Hans Sumpf is credited with the destruction of 19 Russian railway locomotives. Oblt. Sumpf was Staffelkapitan of 5. Kampfgeschwader 1 Hindenburg and was killed while in action over Demyansk Russia on March 26, 1942 at which time he was posthumously promoted to the rank of Hauptmann. This rare award document is ready for professional archival framing. $11,500. More Photos

Published Heer / Waffen SS Cloth Version German Cross in Gold, Type 3

163SO12 - Published Heer / Waffen SS Cloth Version German Cross in Gold, Type 3. This exact cloth version appears in Dietrich Maerz's book " The German Cross '', Published by the author as B & D Publishing. Copyright 2009, page 309. This excellent example was removed from a uniform. The cross was acquired from a veteran's daughter along with other artifacts. The original manufacturer's paper label is intact indicating "Westermann". $575. More Photos

Large bronze NSDAP building eagle

163SO2 - Large bronze NSDAP building eagle. The eagle's wingspan measures 59.0 inches with a height of 22.5 inches. Two-piece constructed eagle attaches to wreath with two bolts. Eagle displays excellent detail and ships with custom made wooden crate. More Photos

Unobtainable Allgemeine Schutzstaffel führer tuchmütze

163SO10 - Unobtainable Allgemeine Schutzstaffel führer tuchmütze. It is on very rare occasion that one has the opportunity to have in his possession an artifact so rare that it may be the only one known. Coming from an old and very advanced collection is this officer tuchmütze. This sidecap features factory machine applied aluminum silver twistcord piping that extends along the side panels around to the front scallop. Beneath this piping is the standard silver totenkopf button. The most outstanding characteristic of this cap is the hand embroidered in silver aluminum wire an early M29 style officer eagle on the side triangular section of cloth where ordinarily would be seen the nco/enlisted machine embroidered version. The cap further features the highest quality black wool. This material is free of any mothing. The interior is lined with black polished cotton and displays a VA 1937 stamp along with two cloth tags. The " Vom Reichsführer SS befohlene Ausführung" and the "TUCHMuTZE fur SS RZM…" tag indicating the manufacturer. Affixed to the side are the button initials of the original owner " J E". The cap is size 57. Accompanying the cap are two images of this style of hat in period wear. One image shows Theodore Eicke, commander of the SS Totenkopfverbande, wearing an identical style of the cap. $8000. More Photos

Rare early Allgemeine SS Standarte Deutschland bugle banner

163SO11 - Rare early Allgemeine SS Standarte Deutschland bugle banner. This exceptional article features an early totenopf and runics hand embroidered using heavy bullion wire thread. The obverse side displays the totenkopf while the reverse side displays the Schutzstaffel runics. Also evident is the shadow of where the arabic numeral "1" denoting the Deutschland Standarte was once present. The skull and runics are raised by use of an unterlagen on a black velvet field. The banner measures 12.25 x 13.5 inches indicating this would have been affixed to a bugle rather than a trumpet and is bordered with silverwire fringe. This rare SS article comes with a Certificate of Authenticity provided by noted SS collector David Delich. $12,500. More Photos

Adolf Hitler portrait accomplished in pencil by Saafeld and dated 1939

162SO4 - Adolf Hitler portrait accomplished in pencil by Saafeld and dated 1939. This outstanding portrait measures 11X14 inches. The portrait is mounted and framed likeness of Adolf Hitler is superior conveying an almost three dimensional presentation. $2999. More Photos

Extremely rare SS tapestry designed by Karl Diebitsch and executed by Mrs. Diebitsch

162SO5 - Extremely rare SS tapestry designed by Karl Diebitsch and executed by Mrs. Diebitsch. The unsigned wool tapestry measures approximately 4 x 5 feet and features the Schutzstaffel runic design hand embroidered in silk over four rows of four Wehrmacht style eagles. The runics are accented with borders of intertwined hand embroidered swastikas in metallic thread. Below the SS runics is the motto of the SS "Meine Ehre Heisst Treue" also accented with the same design using metallic thread. Karl Diebitsch designed much of the SS regalia including the Ehrendegen, Chained SS officer M36 dagger and designs of postage stamps. Karl Dietbitch was an early NSDAP party member holding number 1436. He later joined the SS and was promoted to the rank of Oberfuhrer and was attached to Totenkopfstandarte, Germania and Wiking. Oberfuhrer Karl Diebitsch survived the war and died in 1985. This brown and black background tapestry would have been displayed in a SS headquarters or the office of a high ranking SS officer. Along the top border of the tapestry are sewn eleven brown suede leather tabs for passing the suspension pole through. The reverse of the tapestry is backed with unadorned black cotton. Exceptionally rare .$29,999 More Photos

Luftwaffe Regimental Standard for Flight and Paratroop regiments

162SO2 - Luftwaffe Regimental Standard for Flight and Paratroop regiments. ( Regimentsstandarte der Fliegertruppe und der Fallschirmjager - regimenter ). Excellent example on yellow/gold heavy silk with heavy bullion silver thread embroidery. Aluminum trim borders. Obverse displays heavily embroidered Luftwaff eagle. Reverse features a central iron cross. No snags, tears or silk rot. This rare Luftwaffe Reimental standarte is unit marked with an embroidered M.A.NR.27Suggested offering price $25,000. More Photos

Rare grouping of two SS table or desk flags and SS officer set of white dress gloves

161SO10 - Rare grouping of two SS table or desk flags and SS officer set of white dress gloves. This rare offering features a small pennant measuring 5 x 8 inches with alternating white and black borders. The central SS runes are embroidered into the black rayon. The one-sided flag with the tassels and cross pole measures 7 x 11 inches. The cross pole and ball ends are silver. The SS runes are stenciled on in silver foil ink. The white gloves, worn for dress occasions, are marked size 3 and in mint condition. $2999. More Photos

Rare Deutschland Erwacht Standarte NSDAP front plate

1512SO9 - Rare Deutschland Erwacht Standarte "NSDAP" box plate. This NSDAP plate was affixed to the inside of the box above the Deutschland Erwacht flag. This plate was collected as a souvenir by an American GI soldier who retrieved it from a street in Berlin after it was separated from the rest of the standarte. The plate still retains portions of its enameled surface . The reverse presents the maker's stamp "50". Deutschland Erwacht flag is sold separately. $17500 . More Photos

Exceptionally rare Allach Berghirsch ( Mountain Stag ) Model #10

1512SO5 - Exceptionally rare Allach Berghirsch ( Mountain Stag ) Model #10. This rare Allach figurine is identical to the white stag pictured in Dennis Porrel's "Allach Porcelain 1936 - 1945" , VOLUME 2, published by Schiffer Military History, Copyright 2010, pages 386-387. According to Dennis Porell, the Allach 1936 Manufacturer's Catalog only 93 of the white porcelain versions were made during the years 1938-1939. This piece displays multi-piece construction with the antlers being set in place separately to holes in the stag's head making the antlers removable. The stag's antlers present excellent detail giving them a natural white appearance. $5500. More Photos

Very rare and early NSDAP  sign annoucing Our Reichsprasident,  Adolf Hitler

1511SO2 - Very rare and early NSDAP sign annoucing "Our Reichsprasident, Adolf Hitler". This very rare and early NSDAP black and white enameled propaganda sign measures 13.5 x 20. inches. " Soldatfront " is written on the sign. The Soldatfront was an early WWI veteran's organization that supported the NSDAP and Adolf Hitler's rise to political power. On August 19, 1934 Hitler was elected president after already being elected Chancellor on January 30, 1933. By becoming president this further consolidated Hitler's power throughout Germany. $3,000. More Photos

Waffen SS Obersturmfuhrer panzerjacke

1510SO4 - Waffen SS Obersturmfuhrer panzerjacke. This panzerjacke is cut in the SS style with a straight drop of the front closure panels. This black wool panzerjacke features matching hand-stitched Obersturmfuhrer krägenpatten (collar tabs) and removable schulterstücke ( shoulder boards). The rank collar tab displays three rank pips with two parallel silver stripes. The matching removable shoulder boards feature pink waffenfarb with black underlayment as worn by the Waffen SS panzertruppen. A single rank pip on the silver cords indicates the rank of Obersturmfuhrer. The left upper sleeve displays a SS officer's flatwire silver eagle. The panzerjacke has two sets of loops for the display of the officer's decorations and Panzerkampfabzeichen badge. There is a ribbon sewn into the upper buttonhole for the Iron Cross II. The interior is displays size stamps on area of the left breast . $24750. More Photos

Very rare DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHT Standard flag with crosspole and tassels

1510SO6 - Very rare DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHT Standarte flag with crosspole and tassels. This outstanding near mint example would be almost impossible to upgrade. The bright red silk is in the same condition as it was when it was carried at NSDAP rallies and parades in the 1930's. This set is one of the most famous icons of the Third Reich - the DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHT Standarte. On the obverse side of the silk flag, is a white central disc with a silver tresse border. A static swastika is centered in the disc. Above the white disc is hand embroidered in silver the word " DEUTSCHLAND ". Below the disc is the hand embroidered in silver word "ERWACHT". The reverse side of the flag again features a centrally positioned white disc with swastika. above this disc are the abbreviated words " NAT.SOZ. DEUTSCHE ARBEITERPARTEI ". And below the disc the word " STURMABTEILUNG". Both the SA and SS carried identical standards. Along the bottom and sides of the flag and is alternating a red, black and white twisted yarn fringe border. Along the top of the flag is sewn a sleeve for passing the crosspole through for suspending the flag. Centered on this sleeve is a red patch of leather to protect the flag from wear caused by the upright pole used for carrying the flag. This DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHT standard comes with a brown wooden crosspole. Crosspoles came in two color variations. Brown wood was used for the SA standards and stained in black wood and polished was used for the rarer SS standards. Accompanying the flag and crosspole is the very rare set of tassels ( quasten ). These tassels are composed of alternating cords of red, white and black yarn ending in the tassel balls. $49,500. More Photos

Very rare SS Sturmfahne III/100

1510SO7 - Very rare SS Sturmfahne III/100 . This exact Sturmfahne appears in Ulric of England's excellent reference book, " Meine Ehre Heisst Treue Inside the Allgemeine SS 1925-1945", Published by ANDREA PRESS, Spain, All rights reserved, 2012. Page 380. Sturmfahne III/100 was the standarte of SS-Fuss Standarte 100 ( 100th SS Infantry Regiment) that was stationed in Oberabschnitt Elbe, SS-Abschnitt XXXVII, Reichenberg. This rare flag measures 120 x 140 cm and features the SS unit's designation on a separately sewn rectangular black field in the upper left-hand corner. The chain-stitched roman numeral designates the battalion while the arabic number the regiment. This rectangular field is bordered with aluminum twistcord piping. Sturmfahne standartes were first displayed in 1933 and were employed until September 1940. The flag displays a multi-piece constructed canted swastika on a central white disc. The flag is bordered on three sides with second pattern fringe that features alternating silver and black threads. The hoist side shows seven attachment rings all being RZM marked on the inside. The Sturmfahne was generally carried by a senior NCO who wore the SS gorget and white gloves. It was an honor to be selected to be the SS standarte bearer. Accompanying the Sturmfahne is the spear shaped poletop. The spear point poletop is properly marked RZM 60.$7250. More Photos

2.SS T.V,, (Totenkopfverbande)  Brandenburg photo album with very rare hand embroidered in silver wire Brandenburg cuffttitle

159PHOTALB1 - 2.SS T.V,, (Totenkopfverbande) " Brandenburg" photo album with very rare hand embroidered in silver wire "Brandenburg" cuffttitle. This seldom seen photo album offering features a compilation of 131 images of Werner Peiler who served with the Totenkopfverbande Standarte Brandenburg. The album depicts Werner Peiler during his time with the Hitler Youth through his service with the Schutzstaffel. The album contains excellent images of Werner Peiler in his Allgemeine uniform. One image shows Peiler with his Brandenburg comrades wearing this same Brandenburg cufftitle. There are also images of him wearing his Waffen SS uniform displaying his combat awarded Close Combat Clasp and Panzer Assault badge. The photo album ends with reports provided by the German Red Cross of Werner Peiler's location following the war as a missing person who ultimately was repatriated following the war. The Totenkopfverbande Standarte Brandenburg cufftitle was removed by Werner Peiler from his tunic to be preserved with the photo album. This exceptional cuffttitle measures 14.5 inches. $9500. More Photos

Luftwaffe Hermann Goring Fallschirm-Panzer  Division officer M43 field hat

1510SO3 - Luftwaffe Hermann Goring Fallschirm-Panzer Division officer M43 field hat. This hat features factory applied silver aluminum piping along the circumference of the crown. There are no signs of external stitching that would indicate the piping was post-factory applied. The embroidered Luftwaffe eagle is factory machine sewn with zig-zag stitching and the national kokarde is padded. The two fold down side panels are secured at the front by two black plastic buttons. On the underside of each fold down panel is a strip of cloth used for the attachment of the winter neck protector. These cloth strips match the fabric of the wool lining. The interior is lined with gray wool felt indicating the hat was intended for winter use. The Hermann Goring Fallschirm-Panzer Division was involved in the heavy fighting in Italy prior to its withdrawal in February 1944 when it was dispatched to Russia where it fought on the eastern front for the remainder of the war. Size 56. $9,750. More Photos

SS Standard Bearers Gauntlets

159SO4 - SS Standard Bearers Gauntlets (Very Rare) White Suede Gauntlets pair for SS, Fahnentrager $4,750. More Photos

Rare Luftwaffe field divisions splinter pattern coat with officer's overseas cap

157SO3 - Rare Luftwaffe field divisions Splinter coat with officer's overseas cap. The consignor of this five item ensemble, complete with field jacket, screwback 1939 Iron Cross 1st Class, cloth Fallschimjager badge, Oberlt. reserve collar tabs and officer hat, acquired it, among other war relics , in 1974/75 from West Germany's military attache in Washington D.C. This Bundeswehr Fallschirmjager colonel had numerous family members and some friends desirous to dispose of some military items outside West Germany discreetly. This field coat features the camouflage splinter pattern on heavy cotton duck material. The right breast area displays a factory machine sewn camouflage embroidered eagle. The front is secured with five glass buttons indicating early production of this model field coat. On each shoulder is a very rare camouflage shoulder strap. These straps are near impossible to find as most were discarded after the coat was issued and replaced with standard rank straps. On the left breast area is a screwback Iron Cross 1st and a cloth version of the Fallschirmabzeichen . These are period applied examples and original to the coat. The hole which the post of the screwback EK1 passes through is marrowed meaning that it is machine stitched along the opening. Under the collar is a storm flap. The interior is unlined and the pockets are made using blue cotton fabric. Accompanying the camouflage field coat is the Luftwaffe officer' s overseas cap featuring all bullion eagle and kokarde insignia with factory applied aluminum piping. The tan cotton lined interior is marked size 55. The Luftwaffe reserve officer tabs were found in a pocket of the jacket by the consignor. Provenance will be provided to the buyer upon completion of sale. $9750. More Photos

Very rare SS-Totenkopfverbande Oberbayern Hauptstürmfuhrer's black service tunic with matching breeches

156SO7 - Very rare SS-Totenkopfverbande Oberbayern Hauptstürmfuhrer's black service tunic with matching breeches. The tailor made tunic features the very rare early nickel silver SS adjutant's aiguillette. This aiguillette passes through the right shoulder board that displays the rare "O" cypher worn by the Totenkopfstandarte I "Oberbayern". The aiguillette features an alternating pattern of black and silver thread in the silver cords that ends with the SS runics prominent on each of the tips .The right upper sleeve displays the Ehrenwinkle ( Old Fighters Chevron) indicating the officer was a member of the SS or other NSDAP organization prior to January 1933. The right collar displays a very rare officer's vertical hand embroidered Totenkopf skull tab. The left collar displays the officer's Hauptstürmfuhrer rank tab. The collar is bordered with silver aluminum twistcord wire. The front closure and four scalloped and pleated pockets are closed with pebbled aluminum buttons. On the left breast is a single set of loops to which a bronze Sports badge is affixed. The interior is lined with polished black cotton fabric. The interior displays period wear. The tailor label is sewn to the left breast pocket. Through the left hip pocket there is sewn a dagger suspension tab with "D" ring from which the officer would suspend his M36 "chained" dagger. The breeches match the fabric of the tunic perfectly. The breeches display the typical button fly with all buttons present. There is a slash pocket with a buttoned flap on each side of the front. Along the waistline are buttons for the attachment of braces. A cinch belt is at each side for further adjustment along the waistline. $39,999. More Photos

Rare  Hitler Youth Leader dagger by Carl Eickhorn

155SO6 - Rare Hitler Youth Leader dagger by Carl Eickhorn. This rare dagger features a tight wire wrapped grip. The pommel cap features the stylized Hitlerjugend diamond. The lower crossguard has a repeating design devoid of the customary eagle and swastika. The blade is in near mint condition featuring the Hitler Youth motto, "Blut und Ehre" ( Blood and Honor) with the original crossgraining evident. The original blue leather buffer is intact. On the reverse side of the blade is the Carl Eickhorn RZM code M7/66. The Carl Eickhorn firm made a very limited number of these rare daggers. The scabbard presents the Hitler Youth insignia on the obverse side of the upper scabbard fitting. The scabbard is tightly wrapped in blue leather and is in excellent condition being free of areas of wear.. Very rare. Excellent plus, plus. $6,000. More Photos

Very rare Luftwaffe administrative general's tropical tunic for the rank of Generalmajor

155SO3 - Very rare Luftwaffe administrative general's tropical tunic for the rank of Generalmajor. . This tunic features non-matching Generalmajor slip-on shoulder boards. This was probably the result of this tunic being theater-made and the general using what was available. The tunic's lapels have matching forest green waffenfarb collar tabs and bullion blue-backed continental Luftwaffe general's breast eagle. The matching administrative general's tabs and breast eagle are tailor applied. Gold bullion twistcord piping is sewn around the upper collar. Over the left breast is a row of loops intended to accommodate a long ribbon bar. A single set of loops is over the scalloped and pleated left breast pocket. The two upper pockets are scalloped and pleated. The two hip pockets are pleated with a flap. The front is closed with four pebbled gold buttons. The interior is unmarked. The size is approximately 40 . $6000. More Photos

Very Rare Aluminum Army Paratrooper badge by C.E.Juncker

154SO1 - Very Rare Aluminum Army Paratrooper badge ( Fallschirmschutzen - Abzeichen des Heeres) by C.E. Juncker. Tthis very rare badge, made in aluminum, features the stylized diving Army eagle with a Wehrmcht eagle at the top center of the wreath. The Ggerman Army mainted a separate Fallschirmunfantrie Kompanie and later regiment until January 1, 1938 at which time it was incorporated into the Luftwaffe. Fallschirmjager who were awarded this badge continued to wear it throughout the war. The aluminum version of this badge is very rare as it was the earliest production and was discontinued after the introduction of the tombak version prior to the outbreak of the war in 1939. This badge displays use and has wear to the finish. The catch displays a period repair that protrudes slightly through the wreath. This is an excellent example of a rare and historic piece. $3650. More Photos

Very rare Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler  SS white sword hanger

153SO4 - Very rare Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler SS white sword hanger marked A. FISCHER, BERLIN C2. 1937. Only the officers nco's and enlisted ranks of the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler were authorized to wear the white leather parade and dress accouterments consisting of the belt with crossstrap, white gloves, bayonet frog and sword hanger. This sword hanger has a white dyed leather obverse and a natural colored reverse side. The reverse is embossed with ' A. FISCHER BERLIN C.2 ". $1350. More Photos

Extremely rare Totenkopfverbande Standarte Oberbayern saddle blanket

153SO2 - Extremely rare Totenkopfverbande Standarte Oberbayern saddle blanket. There are only two of these known to exist. This very rare offering features a silver tresse border with a silver embroidered totenkopf on each side of the black wool padded blanket. This was used under the saddle of a mounted officer of the Totenkopfverbande Oberbayern Standarte in parades and other formal occasions. This saddle blanket is in excellent condition. $21,500. More Photos

Very Rare  Schutzstaffel parade snare drum with sticks

153SO3 - Very Rare Schutzstaffel parade snare drum with sticks. This rare instrument features a silver drum barrel with an alternating black and white painted triangular design along the upper and lower borders. The drum head is made of stretched calf skin. $5999. More Photos

Gestapo disc # 10889

151SO8 - Gestapo disc # 10889 - Very rare Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) warrant disc. The Gestapo warrant disc was carried by members of the Gestapo and granted the agent almost unlimited powers of access, arrest and interrogation. The nickel silver disc features the NSDAP state eagle on the obverse with title " GEHEIME STAATPOLIZEI "with the issuance number "10889" on the reverse. This disc is in "ground dug " condition showing wear to the disc's surfaces. It was a standard practice of Gestapo agents to discard their disc in 1945 as the Allies drew nearer as they did not want to be identified having being a member of the Gestapo for fear of retaliation. Gestapo disc were often discarded in rivers, lakes or buried. The disc is accompanied with a letter of authenticity written by the foremost authority Don Bible. Very rare. $5,000. More Photos

MINT German Cross in Silver marked 20  ( C.F. Zimmermann )

1410SO12 - MINT German Cross in Silver marked "20" ( C.F. Zimmermann ). This stunning cross is impossible to upgrade. The cross would meet the standards of those collectors who want only MINT! The cross retains 100% of its original frosted, enameled and colored finishes on all surfaces. The "20" hallmark is stamped on the underside of the pin. During the period German Crosses were awarded only approximately 1,200 German Crosses in silver were presented as opposed to nearly 30,000 German Crosses in gold. A textbook and exceptional example. Vet./ Pu. $5700. More Photos

SS Oberbayern Totenkopf machine woven officer flatwire skull Form I cufftitle

1410SO10 - SS Oberbayern Totenkopf machine woven officer flatwire skull Form I cufftitle. This rare Totenkopf cufftitle was removed from an uniform. The cufftitle measures 14.0 inches. The reverse features the standard salt and pepper design. Very rare. $4750. More Photos

Rare Hermann Goring silver cigarette case

1410SO2 - Rare Hermann Goring silver cigarette case. This silver and leather cigarette case features in silver plate the crossed marshal batons of Hermann Goring beneath the state eagle. The reverse side of the silver upper section is stamped GESCHUTZT , then and incused "JB" , "ZAHL" ' 126737". As there is no silver content number it would be indicated that this is silver plated. This small high quality case measures 3.75. x .5 x 3.25 inches. $2500. More Photos

Kriminalpolizei warrant disc # 640

1410SO4 - Kriminalpolizei warrant disc # 640. This warrant disc features a finely detailed state eagle on the obverse. and the words " STAATLICHE KRIMINALPOLIZEI" ( Criminal State Police) on the reverse along with the identity number 640 on the reverse. This disc was issued very early and is one of the finest examples I have offered. $2999. More Photos

Reichsarbeitdienst  ( RAD ) trumpet banner

143SO4 - Reichsarbeitdienst ( RAD ) trumpet banner. This rare heavy silk trumpet banner features the RAD ensigne within a white central disc encircled by a wheat wreath superimposed on swastika background with a silver border along the arms. The trumpet banner is bordered with silver aluminum fringe on all sides. Along the top side of the banner is a channel that the attachment pole would pass through. The tassels are affixed to a black, silver and red aluminum cord that passes thrpough silver aluminum loops sewn along the top edge. The banner measures 19 x 21 inches ( not including the fringed border. The banner is in excellent condition. $4500. More Photos

Extremely rare SS M42 combat helmet by with full chickenwire basket

1202SO5 - Extremely rare SS M42 combat helmet with full chickenwire basket. This helmet features a full chickenwire basket used for the attachment of camouflage materials. The helmet displays consistent oxidation where the basket has come into contact with the shell. The decal likewise displays this wear. The interior features a complete and worn leather liner with the original drawstring. The chinstrap is original to the helmet. The rear apron is stamped EF… ( Emaillerwerk-Fulda ) and the production run number 3115. This helmet comes with a Certificate of Authenticity provided by Kelly Hicks author of ' SS - STEEL , PARADE AND COMBAT HELMETS OF GERMANY'S THIRD REICH ELITE", published by R. James Bender Publishing, copyright 2004 and "SS HELMETS, THE HISTORY,USE AND DECORATION OF THE HELMETS OF THE BLACK CORPS", co-authored with the late Michael Beaver, published by Shiffer Publishing Ltd., copyrighted 2006. Extremely rare. $9,000. More Photos

SS Birthday Presentation Telle for Alois Holzgethan Obersturmfuhrer

1202SO2 - SS Birthday Presentation Telle for Alois Holzgethan Obersturmfuhrer. This exceedingly rare hand-painted wooden plate was presented to Obersturmfuhrer Holzgethan on his birthday 12.4 1945 which makes this a very late war presentation piece. Obersturmfuhrer Holzgethan was attached with the Hohere SS u. Polizei Inspectorate in Munich where he served as a SS/ Polizei Inspector. The limited information available in his SS file states "Unifo. Ausw. 51067". His file jacket is stamped "Uniformtraeger". The plate measures approximately 12.5 inches in diameter. The hand-painted central theme features the SS runics superimposed over an eagle clutching a wreathed swastika. On either side of the swastika is the date 12.4. 1945. Along the rim of the plate is painted 'Wurst im Holzgethan in Gossensass ( Austria) zu seinem Geburstag Errinerungs" Roughly translated 'In rememberance of your birthday Holzgethan…..in Gossensass 12.4.1945." Price on Request. More Photos

German headquarters wall eagle from Metz, France

1110SO2 - German headquarters wall eagle from Metz, France. This historic wall eagle was once displayed in the city hall of German occupied Metz, France. The three-piece carved poplar wood eagle was found by a contractor after the war in the attic while the city hall was undergoing renovations. The contractor contacted his friend who he knew was a collector of Third Reich memorabilia who promptly expressed his interest. This eagle's wingspan measures 58.5 inches x 39 inches in height. The eagle's breast measures approximately 4 inches in depth. The wings detach from the breast area in a tongue-in-groove manner. One wing has suffered minor damage where it inserts into the body but this does not distract and is restorable. The swastika was de-nazified following the German's departure from Metz as were most items baring the swastika. The eagle was "re-nazified" with the addition of the swastika by the collector. Extremely rare and historic. $5,000. More Photos

Adolf Hitler formal pattern grape snippers by Bruckmann

1101SO1 - Adolf Hitler formal pattern grape snippers by Bruckmann. These grape snippers feature the formal dinnerware pattern as exhibited in the "Greek key" design that runs along the outer edge of the handles. The highly stylized eagle with the initials "A H " is central on each of the handles. The handles are made of 800 fine sterling silver. The Bruckmann hallmark consisting of the crescent moon, crown, 800 and eagle are stamped at the end of each handle where the cutting tool begins. The snippers measure approximately 7.25 inches in length. Rare. $2500. More Photos

Early Luftwaffe officer's Damascas Fliegerschwert

1012SO3 - Early Luftwaffe officer's Damascas Fliegerschwert. Oakleaf Militaria is proud to offer this rare Luftwaffe 1st model Luftwaffe officer's sword with Peacock pattern Damascas blade. This beautiful sword displays a nickel silver pommel and lower crossguard. The blue leather grip shows minor wear that resulted from period use. The blue leather is tightly wrapped with twisted wire. Knotted around the lower crossguard is a Luftwaffe sword portepee. All the nickel silver fittings match with age patination. The upper and lower scabbard fittings match the patination of the sword's silver surfaces. The upper silver scabbard fitting has been personalized with the addition of a oak leaves and acorn motif. A blue leather sword hanger is attached to the two side rings soldered to the upper scabbard fitting. This matches the blue leather on the grip and scabbard. The true Damascas blade displays the rich details of the Peacock pattern. The full length blade measures 28.25 inches long. The blade has not been re-tipped. sharpened or altered in any way. There are no signs of rust or pitting. The sword's tang beneath the wire wrapped leather grip is unmarked. A blue leather buffer separates the lower crossguard from the exquisite blade. The Luftwaffe blue leather wrapped scabbard shows light wear and is in overall excellent condition having no serious distractions. Very rare. $15,750. More Photos